Project 944: One year on

Coming back from all our side quests exploring other 944s in Singapore, it’s already the tail end of November, which means, a year has pretty much gone by since we’ve bought the car. Our projected budget went bust many months ago and our projected timeline has also (as you can see) been binned.

So a year on, here’s a flashback to Project 944 when we first began.

 photo DSC05436.jpg

Here’s the car now currently still sitting in the bodyshop, paint has been finished and most of the car is done.

 photo DSC03914.jpg

The rear hatch was removed for repairs and once reattached, Project 944 will be headed back to R2D for final mechanical work.

 photo DSC03926.jpg

 photo DSC03905.jpg

The colour (Porsche L37W) did turn out much nicer than i had anticipated. A very lovely and rich deep blue with hints of purple.

 photo DSC03907.jpg

We’re nearing (or maybe we are already at) the final stages of the rebuild. I can’t truthfully say it’s been a bed of roses or even an enjoyable journey. It has so far been rather taxing, tiring and at times, an extremely stressful and vexing process. Hopefully the end result will be worth all the effort.

 photo DSC03934.jpg

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