Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Day 1, Part 1-Liberty Walking!

It’s a chilly cold winter Friday morning and all i had for sustenance was a ball of rice and a cup of Doutor latte from a convenience store. But all was right with the World for i was standing in front of the halls of Tokyo’s Makuhari Messe, waiting for the doors of the 2015th edition of the Tokyo Auto Salon to be opened.

 photo DSC07061.jpg

 photo DSC07062.jpg

With this year’s event set to be the biggest yet, i had already devised my game plan. Head Westwards and work my way East. Unlike my previous visits, i will be taking it slower this time and plan to just enjoy the Auto Salon without trying to capture every car and attend every performance. I hope you will like what i have lined up.

 photo DSC07118.jpg

With my intro out of the way, let’s begin some Tokyo Auto Saloning and what better way than to head to Liberty Walk! Famous for his affable nature and cheeky grin, Kato-san, best known for creating Lamborghinis that explode the internets had a pretty sizable booth in the hall and with numerous other cars sited all over the show, Liberty Walk are clearly nowhere near letting up on the over-fender front charge.

 photo DSC07209.jpg

 photo DSC07212.jpg

Though famous for his Italian bulls, i was more interested in seeing the latest 4-Series Coupe decked out in Kato-san’s signature style.

 photo DSC07218.jpg

 photo DSC07221.jpg

With a number of M4s now lined up to undergo the over-fender treatment, this first build actually started before Munich’s finest was launched and the show car here is based on a standard 4-Series.

 photo DSC07225.jpg

 photo DSC07228.jpg

Still looks mad. I love it.

 photo DSC08210.jpg

Much online chatter was noticed leading up to its reveal as Liberty Walk unveiled the Liberty Challenger. Their first take on American Metal.

 photo DSC07202.jpg

 photo DSC07224.jpg

As first impressions go, i think they got this one in the bag.

 photo DSC07246.jpg

 photo DSC07814.jpg

The one that started it all, from Japan to American and back again, Kato’s Kenmeri sitting alongside one of his boso bikes.

 photo DSC07137.jpg

 photo DSC07114.jpg

 photo DSC07110.jpg

This Porsche 997 also made the Liberty Walk cut. I really like how they add little details to the graphics, giving it some airbrushed simulated stains.

 photo DSC07112.jpg

The perfect cure for those Monday Blues?

 photo DSC07133.jpg

Or would you prefer, Tangerine, Tangerine, Living reflection from a dream

 photo DSC07167.jpg

 photo DSC07253.jpg

Should you choose to start ’em young.

 photo DSC07259.jpg
When i grow up…

 photo DSC07195.jpg

 photo DSC07184.jpg

 photo DSC07123.jpg

 photo DSC07543.jpg

 photo DSC07117.jpg

Wearing some “Zero Fighter” style livery, these Bulls made quite a visual impact. Even though the liveries they were based on might not be entirely “PC” to everyone.

 photo DSC08218.jpg

If ordering a full-sized Liberty Walk special is slightly out of your budget range, there are always these little babies to bring home.

 photo DSC07233.jpg

Even more wallet friendly, are these 1/24 scale Aoshima Shakotan kits.

 photo DSC08212.jpg

 photo DSC07240.jpg

If miniature scale cars are not your thing, there were plenty of other Liberty Walk merchandise around.

 photo DSC07230.jpg

 photo DSC07238.jpg

 photo DSC08219.jpg

Stickers, keychains and everything in between to help you part with your precious yens!

 photo DSC08222.jpg

How about some Liberty Walk lugs?

 photo DSC07232.jpg

There’s even Kato-san branded detailing sprays!

 photo DSC08216.jpg

And some really super friendly Liberty Walk sales staff to help you wrap everything up.

 photo DSC07144.jpg

Another friendly Liberty Walk staff. I tried to take a picture of the Ferrari but she got in the way, honest!

 photo Kato.jpg

After a brief chat and picture (why not!), it was time to tour the rest of the show but not before…

 photo DSC07242.jpg

…Opening up my wallet for some proper LB swag, of course, i got them signed by LB’s main man.

 photo DSC09345.jpg

 photo DSC09348.jpg

 photo DSC07757.jpg

 photo DSC07300.jpg

 photo DSC07303.jpg

Elsewhere, you’d be hard pressed to not spot more Liberty Walk machines proudly on display in the many halls of the Tokyo Auto Salon. Looks like we are just getting started…

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