Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Day 1, Part 2-Boom Craft and The Dream Chaser

If there’s one thing that the Tokyo Auto Salon isn’t short of, it’s Lamborghinis, loud Lamborghinis. And none louder or brasher than those of Shinichi Morohoshi-san. For those who’ve been living in a well for the past year, go watch this video before scrolling down any further.

 photo DSC07668.jpg

Now living his dream which he first started chasing when he was 17, the Underground Hero has brought along a fleet of flamboyantly styled Bulls to the halls of Makuhari Messe under the Boom Craft brand.

 photo DSC07663.jpg

Admittedly, the first time i set my eyes on Boom Craft’s cars almost 5 years back, i didn’t really know what to think. To an outsider like me with limited insight on these cars, i thought they were tacky and a travesty to the brand. Fast forward a couple of years and i have come to accept that even if i don’t “get” the aesthetics at times, i now understand and appreciate how and why they come about, especially after learning about the personalities behind the cars and seeing them roll down the streets of Tokyo through the eyes of Maiham Media.

 photo DSC07684.jpg

In my mind, scenes of these cars running down the Wangan now conjure up images of Neo-Tokyo from the cult manga/movie, Akira. In any other country or in any other place, these cars would stick out like a neon sore-thumb. But in the futuristic metropolis that is Tokyo, there really is no better place for them.

 photo DSC07679.jpg

Love it or hate it, there’s no stopping Morohoshi-san and Boom Craft.

 photo DSC08793.jpg

Over in a booth elsewhere, we spotted another one of Morohoshi’s pack.

 photo DSC08788.jpg
 photo DSC08794.jpg
 photo DSC08796.jpg

This one decked out for full on Dragoning (in a good way).

 photo DSC08790.jpg
Check out these super wild side mirror covers.

 photo DSC09770.jpg

 photo DSC07687.jpg

In a traditionally rigid society that is Japan, these cars are the ultimate middle finger salute to all the haters and naysayers…

 photo DSC07674.jpg

 photo DSC07691.jpg

 photo Morohoshi-family.jpg

…All thanks to this guy. After all, When you roll with the Dream Chaser, you’re not just another driver in a flash car, you’re now part of the Morohoshi family.

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