An Auto-Otaku heads back to Germany

Normal travel is back! Or, that’s sure how it looks like a week ago judging by the sheer number of people in the airport when I had the good fortune to once again fly over to the beautiful city of Bavaria for BMW’s launch of the new 7-Series and i7.

Full flight service seemed to have resumed as well with starters and main courses now served individually plated rather than together on a single tray with clear plastic covers on top. Having had the Boon Tong Kee Chicken rice on my previous trip, I opted this time for the Lobster Thermidor. Granted that the same dishes can taste slightly different on each flight, it was really good this time around, creamy, tasty and thoroughly enjoyable!

After a rather fair few hours of intermittent sleep, we approached Germany and it was time for a Laksa brekkie, it wasn’t too bad but I reckon Bah Chor Mee’s the better option. Also, isn’t it time for Singapore Airlines to offer full wifi unlimited on-board and not just a measly data-capped service? Come-on, it’s 2022 already!

A view I will never get tired of as we cruised towards Munich.

And for the first time ever, clear skies all the way towards the airport, giving us a birds-eye view of the City, the Olympic Tower and BMW’s iconic four-cylinder building. You can even still see the alps in the distance. What a sight.

Since we landed rather early in the morning, we took some time out to explore the city and enjoy its various culinary offerings with a walking food tour.

Having been here twice, some of the places we visited were still new to me.

What’s still familiar (and still welcomed) is, of course, a quick visit to a Munich institution, Haxnbauer, for their Schweinshaxe sandwich. I’m not joking on the institution bit too, because Haxnbauer is located in a historical building that dates back to at least the 14th century, the Scholastikahaus.

Back to the sandwich, yes, it is still so good, but also, still too big for me to finish in its entirety. Don’t worry, I ate up all the good bits. For everyone who’s thinking of visiting Munich, a visit to Haxnbauer is a must, the crackling on the pork knuckles served here is sublime.

If you ever have to choose between Hofbrauhaus, Ratskeller or Haxnbauer, here’s a quick tip, Hofbrauhaus for the atmosphere, Ratskeller for the convenience and Haxnbauer for the food! All 3 will serve up a good time so don’t fret too much if you only have the time for one.

Another locale I had yet to visit was the Biergarten in the English gardens. Having visited the garden on my last trip with a slightly busted toe, tighter schedule and much colder weather, I only managed a quick stroll through the park before setting off. This block of concrete is a piece from the Berlin wall. With the conflict going on not too far from here, it did feel a little more sombre seeing such a relic.

As we headed onward through the garden, the sun was out, the air was cool and it really did seem like the entire city was here soaking up the lovely weather and atmosphere (and lack of mosquitoes). Something we can only dream of having back in Singapore.

Finally, we reached the Biergarten, it was huge! It’s been quite a while since I last saw something like this, while it might have looked packed, we still managed to get a table and some seats rather easily.

With some drinks downed to cool us off, it was time for our tour guide to set off as we headed towards the BMW Welt and museum for the second half of our first day in Munich. Stay tuned!

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