Home Base: Visiting BMW Welt

The Bucket list, we all have them, for most automotive enthusiasts, our list can probably stretch the entire distance to the Moon and back. I think it is safe to say that for a BMW fanatic, making a trip to the Welt is probably something that is on their list and should be done at least once in his or her lifetime.

 photo P1090264.jpg

In essence, the Welt is BMW’s showcase for their current products across the brand range, BMWs, Minis, Rolls Royce and BMW motorcycles sit alongside each other in an enormous glass-walled hall conceived by Vienna-based architects COOP HIMMELB(L)AU. For lucky buyers, they are also able to arrange delivery of their cars at the Welt and will be given a special “staged experience” upon collection.

 photo P1090373.jpg

At the opening ceremony of the Welt, Wolf D. Prix, the architect of the Welt said, “the building does not have the boredom of a hall, it is not only a temple, but also a market place and a communication center and meeting place for knowledge transfer”

Today, it was time for me to make my pilgrimage this very temple.

 photo P1090260.jpg

With the M140i safely back with the rest of the press fleet at BMW Garching after my lovely drive in the Alpenstrasse, it was back to the fantastic Munich subway/train system for my journey to the Welt. For those interested, the Welt is about a leisurely 10 minute walk from the Petuelring U-Bahn station.

 photo P1090263.jpg

Before you reach the Welt, you will see the famous 4-cylinder building. When I saw it, I just stood and stared in wide-eyed wonderment before grabbing hold of my camera.

Having seen this building in countless magazines and social media pictures, i never imagined that i’d ever have the chance to see it in person. Time to check off an item from my list.

 photo P1090332.jpg

 photo P1090324.jpg

 photo P1090348.jpg

Inside, it is the biggest showcase of BMW’s lineup under one beautifully built roof. You can spend pretty much an entire day here ogling each and every car (and motorbike). The only ones off limits are the big dollar Rolls Royces. Can’t fault them considering that the going rate of a little Rolls Royce brolly is about a thousand euros.

 photo P1090275.jpg

 photo P1090341.jpg

The 5-Series Touring generates much want inside me.

 photo P1090342.jpg

 photo P1090355.jpg

This little Isetta is used to give free joyrides in and around the Welt!

 photo P1090419.jpg

 photo P1090359.jpg

The recently launched M760Li was also on show in its cool frozen black paint. Of course, the coolest bits of this car, are its numbers. 6.6 litre Twin Turbo V12, 600 horses, 800Nm (at 1,500rpm) and 0-100 in 3.9 seconds. Numbers that throw it into Supercar territory.

 photo P1090378.jpg

 photo P1090364.jpg

 photo P1090370.jpg

 photo P1090388.jpg

The rest of the M-car range were also available for visitors to experience up close and personal. Some in more striking colours than others.

 photo P1090317.jpg

 photo P1090337.jpg

 photo P1090322.jpg

 photo P1090335.jpg

 photo P1090352.jpg

Minis had their own showcase with a more youthful, lifestyle oriented approach. I do like the new Clubman S.

 photo P1090329.jpg

i-cars range also had their own showcase.

 photo P1090406.jpg

But of course the most exclusive cars in this building are those with the Spirit of Ecstasy on their long elegant bonnets.

 photo P1090407.jpg

 photo P1090283.jpg

Of particular interest were the highlighted details of the Rolls Royce build process.

 photo P1090294.jpg

Black Spirit of Ecstasy looked gorgeous.

 photo P1090291.jpg

 photo P1090287.jpg

Words to live by.

 photo P1090412.jpg

For those with the time, a guided tour can be arranged at the front desk, allowing for a more insightful experience when walking around the Welt.

 photo P1090345.jpg

With the tour done, there was now one last stop to make before i head across the road to the BMW Museum, and that’s the BMW Welt shop. OMG.

 photo P1090343.jpg

So many things to buy! So little money!

 photo P1090296.jpg

 photo P1090298.jpg

Pretty much whatever you can think of, they have it, with a BMW logo stamped on.

 photo P1090320.jpg

Or if you prefer, Mini.

 photo P1090306.jpg

 photo P1090307.jpg

Sadly, these diecast were rather pricey, so i just ogled.

 photo P1090313.jpg

Found an E34! But the lack of detail on those wheels bugged me enough to not pick it up.

 photo P1090397.jpg

BMW also built a life size representation of their alternative Lego kit build, the hover bike.

 photo P1090424.jpg

Remember the little Isetta? Well, here it is driven straight out of the Welt for joyrides out in the courtyard! For me, it’s time to head next door to the Museum. Trust me, you’ll love it.

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