Project 944: A New Day

It has been a while since i last updated about Project 944 and truth be told, i’ve been pretty hesitant to post any updates. This project has been ongoing for over a year and although i’m happy to announce the car is finally road legal, it has not exactly been a smooth ride so far.

 photo DSC_0284_1.jpg

Let’s rewind back to about a month ago with Project 944 finally undergoing our local inspections to make her road legal.

 photo DSC_0277_1.jpg

Amazingly, the car went through without any issues at all.

 photo DSC_0288.jpg

So with the inspections done, silly expensive insurance readied and silly expensive road tax paid, it was time to hit the road. All was going fine for the first 10 minutes, then it started to develop a misfire and boost was gone. An exasperating limp back to the workshop allowed us to dial back the fuel pressure which seemed to do the trick.

Another issue major issue with Project 944 is the rather infamous 2nd-gear pop-out problem that seems to plague a number of Porsches. This remains a big problem for me but a bit of internet research, some owners have suggested using a specific transmission oil from Redline (75W90 NS) that might help stem the pop-out. Something to explore very soon and i really hope it works.

The day after having the on the road, into the aircon shop she went as the ac compressor was making loud squealing noises. Once that was done, back to the paint shop for some paint touch-ups.

 photo 944_april4.jpg

2 weeks after dropping the car off at the paint shop, i received a text message from the paint shop informing me that the car refuses to start and they cannot commence grooming on the car because of that. Once again, up the tow truck and back to the work shop she went. Can you start to feel some of my pain?

 photo P1080213.jpg

A couple of days later, Project 944 was finally ready for her first weekend out and i finally got to drive after waiting almost 3 weeks from the day she was made road legal.

 photo P1080225.jpg

 photo P1080192.jpg

 photo P1080270.jpg

I won’t deny it, she does look pretty. And apart from 2nd-gear popping out at times, drove rather well. Pretty quick too!

 photo P1080283.jpg

A friend joined me for breakfast too in his beautiful Alfa GT Junior.

 photo P1080328.jpg

 photo P1080354.jpg

It wasn’t planned but we both ended up painting our cars dark blue!

 photo P1080338.jpg

Sadly, a day after these photos were taken, the car overheated in a very mild traffic jam, blowing a small plug which lead to steam and water spraying out of the bonnet. Luckily i was in the carpark of a shopping mall and a DIY shop was readily within read. So after affixing back said plug and giving it a good tightening up, we topped up the coolant reservoir with a big jug of distilled water. With mostly highway driving on the way home the temperature gauge was behaving really well, rising only just before we arrived at our destination.

So for now, i guess cooling the car is something else that needs to be looked at in addition to all the other final jobs that have been lined up ahead. (Interior reupholstery, windscreen replacement and getting rid of curb marks on the wheels.)

It might be a new day for Project 944, but the weeks and months ahead are far from over. I know it’s a rant but after waiting over year and throwing a ridiculous amount of money at the car, it’s extremely draining to still have problems to deal with. Such is the old car life i guess, sigh…

4 thoughts on “Project 944: A New Day

  1. lovely car. how much have you spent roughly? wondering what the commitment is like. thank you

    1. So far, excluding the cost of the car itself, excluding the costs of a lot of my time and effort spent researching and sourcing for parts, excluding the costs of transport (uber/grab/taxis) to and fro workshops on multiple occasions, excluding the costs of getting the car towed to various places, excluding the costs of insurance, inspection and road tax. I’m in the region of around SGD$45k down.

  2. lucky man to afford such a hobby and toy. must be a painful journey but i’m sure eventually it will work flawlessly, albeit making you $60k lighter.

    1. Haha. Thanks but it never was intended to be this expensive 😦
      Original plan was only to put in 20-30k worth of work. It just snowballed and after a certain $ point, there was no way of turning back.

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