No School Quite Like The Old School: Retro Havoc 2017

Over the weekend, there was word that a mega meet up was being put together right here on our sunny island, bringing together multiple local car crews and groups for an afternoon of cars, food, drinks and camaraderie. So, being the crazy car people that we are, we packed our cameras, bundled ourselves into a Lexus and headed straight for Muar Malaysia instead, where a much more interesting automotive gathering was being held.

 photo P1070709.jpg

The event in question? Retro Havoc 2017. Perhaps Malaysia’s biggest automotive gathering dedicated to lovers of all old school machinery. With the participant list growing year after year, it was probably a good idea that the organisers choose to put this year’s event on the grounds of Muar Stadium.

 photo P1070701.jpg

 photo P1070704.jpg

 photo P1070719.jpg

 photo P1070722.jpg

We arrived shortly after lunchtime and the roads leading in were full of cars and inside, it was packed! There were also a sweet lineup of cars parked up on the grounds outside the stadium for a preview of things to come.

 photo P1070732.jpg

 photo P1070714.jpg

 photo P1070726.jpg

 photo P1070730.jpg

 photo P1070735.jpg

Coming from a country where the authorities do a hell lot to dissuade you from keeping a car over its ten year lifespan, it’s always refreshing to see such a variety of old metal in the flesh, be it in Japan, Thailand or in this weekend’s case, Malaysia. It’s something that those of us living on this sunny island can only dream about.

 photo P1070744.jpg

 photo P1070749.jpg

 photo P1070754.jpg

 photo P1070756.jpg

 photo P1070769.jpg

 photo P1070788.jpg

 photo P1070747.jpg

Some were rusty…

 photo P1080032.jpg

 photo P1070761.jpg

Others were odd and quirky…

 photo P1070825.jpg

And a couple that were just plain weird. But, everyone had fun together.

 photo P1070765.jpg

I thought this was a Lada, turns out it’s the OG Fiat variant.

 photo P1070764.jpg

 photo P1070771.jpg

 photo P1070789.jpg

 photo P1070779.jpg

 photo P1070786.jpg

 photo P1070791.jpg

There were of course, quite a number of show stoppers as well! Like that Hakotora truck and this beautiful Sunny B110 Coupe. Some say it’s packing a Tomei built engine.

 photo P1070797.jpg

I love Sunny trucks.

 photo P1070799.jpg

The make and model with the highest representation has to be Toyota KE70s. They were everywhere!

 photo P1070894.jpg

 photo P1080025.jpg

I’m not really complaining of course. Secretly i’d love to have one. Preferably in wagon form.

 photo P1070806.jpg

 photo P1070813.jpg

 photo P1070820.jpg

 photo P1070815.jpg

A rare Mazda Luce 1000. What a beautiful shape. Did you know the lovely and elegant design of the Luce (pronounced Lu-Che) was a rejected Alfa Romeo proposal? Curbside Classic has the story, it’s rather long but worth a read if you’re into that sort of thing.

 photo P1070828.jpg

It doesn’t get any smaller that the 360cc era Kei cars.

 photo P1070891.jpg

Lovely Sunny Wagon with some Mooneyes inspired touches.

 photo P1080186.jpg

Another Sunny Wagon but of a later vintage.

 photo P1070838.jpg

 photo P1070847.jpg

 photo P1070850.jpg

 photo P1070855.jpg

The heroic crew of WRXs that travelled all the way from HongKong to Malaysia. Hardcore and i’m sure they all had a drive to remember for life.

 photo P1070843.jpg

These wheels have been places.

 photo P1070856.jpg

 photo P1070863.jpg


 photo P1070871.jpg

Same same, but different.

 photo P1070886.jpg

W123s seem are coming of age now.

 photo P1070897.jpg

 photo P1080164.jpg

A duo of Honda City Turbos brought along their Motocompos to the show. Love it!

 photo P1080066.jpg

 photo P1070911.jpg

A Mark II by any other name, is a Cressida.

 photo P1070922.jpg

 photo P1070916.jpg

Stunning Ghias.

 photo P1070976.jpg

Check out the details.

 photo P1070939.jpg

 photo P1070942.jpg

I’m usually not a fan of the 2+2 Fairlady shape but this looks not too bad.

 photo P1070947.jpg

 photo P1070923.jpg

RX3s with their big flared arches always look crazy.

 photo P1070953.jpg

S30 2-seater coupe. A purer shape but commanding a steeper premium at the same time. Looking beautiful ain’t cheap.

 photo P1070957.jpg

 photo P1070981.jpg

This Escort was packing some serious firepower for such a lithe chassis.

 photo P1070964.jpg

V8 baby. I wonder if there’s space for an a/c compressor in there.

 photo P1070984.jpg

 photo P1070982.jpg

 photo P1080118.jpg

 photo P1080182.jpg

 photo P1080173.jpg

Plenty of V-dubs in the haus.

 photo P1070994.jpg

If only the IDX concepts weren’t shelved for some shitty Crossovers, we would have had a modern interpretation of their iconic Bluebird.

 photo P1070830.jpg

 photo P1070996.jpg

 photo P1070999.jpg

 photo P1080126.jpg

 photo P1080124.jpg

 photo P1080129.jpg

No forgetting the modern classics.

 photo P1080007.jpg

How do you like your vintage?

 photo P1080010.jpg

 photo P1080014.jpg

Johor represent.

 photo P1080051.jpg

 photo P1080096.jpg

Beautiful Corolla Coupes.

 photo P1080171.jpg

Before the Toyota Corona, there was the Toyopet Corona.

 photo P1080070.jpg

Lovingly kept Sunny.

 photo P1080023.jpg

 photo P1080045.jpg

 photo P1080073.jpg

Not all cars were meticulously maintained but i’m sure the owners of these cars probably have as much, if not more fun with their cars than those of us who fastidiously wash and wax our machines. And when you think about it, isn’t having fun the whole point of it all?

 photo P1080084.jpg

If you are interested.

 photo P1080044.jpg

I always wanted a Liftback.

 photo P1080054.jpg

Another Hakotora, sans livery.

 photo P1080075.jpg

 photo P1080077.jpg

 photo P1080087.jpg

Some participants drove down from Thailand, i really cannot imagine transversing less than smooth roads in cars with no hint of suspension travel. It must be painful.

 photo P1080035.jpg

 photo P1080063.jpg

There were a few BMWs on show which was nice.

 photo P1080119.jpg

Neue Klasse strangely running on Toyota Century hubcaps.

 photo P1080114.jpg

Mixing it up!

 photo P1080092.jpg

 photo P1080089.jpg

Wagonist for life!

 photo P1080110.jpg

 photo P1080100.jpg

 photo P1080105.jpg

Love the TE.

 photo P1080133.jpg

 photo P1080131.jpg

One day, someone’s gonna slam this and throw a set of BBS RS wheels on.

 photo P1080180.jpg

 photo P1080178.jpg

Hachimaru Heroes.

 photo P1080154.jpg

A number of Singaporeans also joined in the fun.

 photo P1080138.jpg

 photo P1080147.jpg

 photo P1080143.jpg

An icon for those growing up in the 90s.

So how was the event? Well, it was hot, it was extremely sunny, and at the end of the day, we had a havoc of a time! Unfortunately with over 800 cars showing up, we were not able to cover the entire event but we hope this post gives you a taste of what to expect if you are planning to head up next year.

Big thanks to our friend Lionel for the rides up and down Malaysia with superb food detours thrown in! Malaysia boleh indeed.


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