Yokohama HotRod Custom Show 2015 Part 1: Razzle Dazzle, Beauty in the details

Getting out of one’s comfort zone is usually not an easy thing to do, but when it comes to exploring the different aspects of car culture in Japan, doing so will not only broaden your automotive horizons, it will also give you the opportunity to learn more and appreciate all there is to offer in the crazy World of the car enthusiasts.

 photo DSC06146.jpg

While some might think it is totally odd to be visiting a HotRod show smack in the middle of Japan, the truth is, Japan’s HotRod scene is not only one that refuses to fade away, but is indeed flourishing. All thanks to a man called Shige Suganuma (Who has now become somewhat of a celebrity in these here circles).

In 1983 Suganuma-san started Mooneyes Japan as a side business in Yokohama while working for Disney, after some time, he decided to leave Disney and go full time and the rest they say, is history. Bringing the high level of attention to detail, design and perfectionism the Japanese are renowned for into the World of custom cars and motorcycles has resulted in many many amazing builds some of us can only dream about.

 photo DSC06147.jpg

Held in the early days of December and at the tail end of Tokyo’s winter, the Yokohama HotRod Custom Show is now in its 24th incarnation and this year, the theme/campaign for the event was “Save the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show” which is a continuation from last year’s “Be Calm, not Loud” campaign. Sounds strange for a HotRod show right? But apparently, residents staying around the area have been complaining about the loud noises (music if you ask us) emitting from the once in a year show and have gotten the authorities to try and shut them down. It does sound like another case somewhere across the pond of people buying houses near a racetrack and complaining of “noise pollution”. Nevertheless, the authorities have issued an ultimatum, reduce the sound levels or find another place to hold the event.

Happily though, we are please to report that the show will go at Pacifico Yokohama for another year as the dates for 2016 show have been announced recently.

 photo DSC06148.jpg

Personally, the whole HotRod and Custom culture is really an unfamiliar World to me and the deepest i ever got, was stepping into the Mooneyes Yokohama shop over five years ago.

But as with every new automotive adventure, i went in with an open mind, an open heart and like the first time i visited the Tokyo Auto Salon, my first few steps into the halls of Pacifico Yokohama opened my eyes once again to the wonders of Japan’s car culture.

 photo DSC06162.jpg

 photo DSC06158.jpg

I shan’t bother you readers with my extremely limited knowledge of American marques, but i do know this. The level of work dedicated to each and every car in these halls must be immense. For this post, we shall celebrate the beauty that is in the details. (And showcase a ton of pictures)

 photo DSC06202.jpg

 photo DSC06206.jpg

 photo DSC06208.jpg

 photo DSC06192.jpg

 photo DSC06189.jpg

Check out what’s in the back.

 photo DSC06193.jpg

 photo DSC06200.jpg

 photo DSC06212.jpg

 photo DSC06213.jpg

 photo DSC06223.jpg

 photo DSC06219.jpg

Porsche Fuchs on a Nissan pickup!

 photo DSC06229.jpg

 photo DSC06234.jpg

Custom everything!

 photo DSC06244.jpg

 photo DSC06239.jpg

How low can you go?

 photo DSC06238.jpg

 photo DSC06251.jpg

In a sea of slammed to the ground rides, an entirely different take on custom. Not as wild with a touch of old-school, but I really liked it.

 photo DSC06304.jpg

 photo DSC06311.jpg

 photo DSC06306.jpg

What’s up esse? You feelin’ lucky homes?

 photo DSC06296.jpg

 photo DSC06505.jpg

 photo DSC06293.jpg

Insert *The sound of my jaw dropping*

 photo DSC06301.jpg

 photo DSC06313.jpg

 photo DSC06314.jpg

La Familia. Let’s hope they are a peaceful bunch.

 photo DSC06333.jpg

 photo DSC06363.jpg

A different sub culture of cars, a different sub culture of ladies.

 photo DSC06318.jpg

 photo DSC06320.jpg

 photo DSC06321.jpg

 photo DSC06325.jpg

 photo DSC06393.jpg

 photo DSC06404.jpg

 photo DSC06428.jpg

 photo DSC06409.jpg

They sure have some of the wildest and most amazing paint jobs to ever grace an automobile.

 photo DSC06427.jpg

 photo DSC06424.jpg

So says the sticker.

 photo DSC06436.jpg

 photo DSC06439.jpg

That’s a lot of louvres. Much effort.

 photo DSC06446.jpg

Very different, but so cool and totally on theme.

 photo DSC06462.jpg

You can be sure when these cars first came out, none of their manufacturers would have ever imagined their cars looking like these decades later.

 photo DSC06465.jpg

 photo DSC06467.jpg

Check out those tailpipes!

 photo DSC06577.jpg

 photo DSC06578.jpg

Dayum! Majestic sleds.

 photo DSC06628.jpg

 photo DSC06584.jpg

 photo DSC06415.jpg

 photo DSC06412.jpg

 photo DSC06527.jpg

 photo DSC06594.jpg

 photo DSC06603.jpg

 photo DSC06605.jpg

Like we said earlier, customize everything!

 photo DSC06613.jpg

 photo DSC06607.jpg

 photo DSC06655.jpg

Car designers must have had a field day back then. Look at all those curves.

 photo DSC06652.jpg

 photo DSC06656.jpg

 photo DSC06662.jpg

Low and slow.

 photo DSC06610.jpg

 photo DSC06608.jpg

 photo DSC06621.jpg

 photo DSC06624.jpg

I like those little bits of pin striping on the wheel arches.

 photo DSC06645.jpg

 photo DSC06636.jpg

So clean.

 photo DSC06780.jpg

 photo DSC06773.jpg

 photo DSC06819.jpg

 photo DSC06768.jpg

Bounce Bounce!

 photo DSC06764.jpg

 photo DSC06800.jpg

 photo DSC07099.jpg

 photo DSC07101.jpg

In a matching shade of Louboutin red!

 photo DSC07119.jpg

And to round of Part 1 of our coverage, an extremely loooong but beautifully pink Caddy. Amazing.

 photo DSC07125.jpg

Honey i just wonder what you do there in the back, of your Pink Cadillac, your pink Cadillac.

 photo DSC07113.jpg

Now some folks say it’s too big, uses too much gas.
Some folks say it’s too old, that it goes too fast.
But my love is bigger than a Honda, it’s bigger than a Subaru.
Hey man there’s only one thing, and one car that will do.
Anyway we don’t have to drive it, Honey we can park it out in back.
And have a party in your pink Cadillac…

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