Cars & Kopi – Sunday’s Best

Hello 2016! Hello to another Sunday of Cars & Kopi. While the last meet was held just a few weeks ago, a friend of ours decided to put together another one over the New Year weekend. So i started up my car, went for a short morning cruise and joined in for another morning of automobiles and my favourite Hot Chocolate at Dome Cafe.

 photo P1200280.jpg

It had been a very wet weekend with rain continuously pouring down just a day (and night) before. Luckily for us, the clouds cleared just before daybreak, which made for a rather enjoyable and cooling drive in the morning. Turned out, quite a number of other drivers didn’t mind driving their cars out as well.

 photo P1200263.jpg

E-Type and Mini arrived early.

 photo P1200267.jpg

 photo P1200270.jpg

 photo P1200316.jpg

The local air-cooled contingent had a great showing.

 photo P1200291.jpg

I particularly liked this Guards red Targa.

 photo P1200293.jpg

 photo P1200294.jpg

True story, when i was just a young boy, the Targa was my favourite amongst all the 911 body variations. But i guess it WAS the 80s and everything Targa and T-topped was probably cool. I even had a 1/24 Targa that would make engine noises when you pushed the rear wheels in. Anyway…

 photo P1200356.jpg

Nice rumps.

 photo P1200342.jpg

 photo P1200346.jpg

Very clean 356.

 photo P1200336.jpg

Sitting next to a trio of Z4M’s.

 photo P1200349.jpg

With so few left (and sold) on our island, this might be the most ever gathered together in one single location!

 photo P1200298.jpg

 photo P1200301.jpg

A number of Rotaries were also in the carpark for their own mini-meet.

 photo P1200302.jpg

Clean V-Spec II R34. BBS LMs FTW!!! Best looking rims ever!!!

 photo P1200315.jpg

Hachimaru Heroes.

 photo P1200333.jpg

 photo P1200313.jpg

 photo P1200306.jpg


 photo P1200308.jpg

… and MG.

 photo P1200334.jpg

 photo P1200329.jpg

Then one of these babies pulled in. I’ve always loved the 308/328 shapes. My childhood hero cars and the first Ferraris i ever laid my eyes upon.

 photo P1200326.jpg

 photo P1200327.jpg

 photo P1200324.jpg

With values of 70s/80s Classics shooting up. My childhood dream has to remain in dreamland for now.

 photo P1200320.jpg

Unity in diversity.

 photo P1200354.jpg

Defender Double Cab from our opening shot. Unfortunately, even though cars were still arriving (there was a sweet grey S13 i just missed), i had to leave shortly after this for the year’s first Service in Church. Until next time, here’s to another successful year of Cars & Kopi!


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