Clash of The Classics: Porsche/Ferrari Drive

When someone asks if you’d like drive a Porsche 993 for a classic Porsche/Ferrari morning run, what should you say? You say “Yes!”. Which is how i found myself behind the wheel of the Yellow Banana a couple of weekends back.

 photo DSC03972.jpg
Our little 993 Cabriolet was the acting camera-car for the morning and i was happily camped behind the wheel with pilot duties. Which was also why i managed to grab a brief solo drive session prior to this event.

 photo DSC03948.jpg

 photo DSC03952.jpg
Kudos to the organizers of this drive for assembling together what i think is the largest convoy of old-school Stuttgart and Maranello sportscars our little country has ever seen, i’m guessing that took some bits of gentle persuasion.

 photo DSC03961.jpg

 photo DSC03959.jpg
A trio of lovely white beauties. With a special shout out for that sexy Speedster. 1 of 2 remaining in Singapore.

 photo DSC03973.jpg
Speedster 2 of 2 soon joined in the waiting area.

 photo DSC04020.jpg
When i was a young kid, i used to think that Porsche 911s had a strange shape with a windscreen that just looked too upright, the Speedster changed that view totally with it’s ridiculously short and raked windscreen, and i was enthralled. I remember buying a Tamiya 1/24 kit of one of these, it was a “Snap-Loc” model kit, for people like me with not much talent or luck for putting those things together.

 photo DSC03965.jpg

 photo DSC03979.jpg

 photo DSC03984.jpg

 photo DSC03987.jpg

 photo DSC03981.jpg
Slowly, more and more Porsches and Ferraris started entering the carpark and it really was a sight to behold.

 photo DSC03991.jpg

 photo DSC03995.jpg
F355, one of my hero cars. Oh what a glorious noise these machines made when on the move.

 photo DSC04001.jpg

 photo DSC04013.jpg
They’re all about that bass, bout that bass…

 photo DSC04008.jpg
The first Ferrari i laid eyes upon as a kid. Been in love ever since, still can’t afford one.

 photo DSC04035.jpg

 photo DSC04025.jpg

 photo DSC04029.jpg
While the Ferraris are just sex on wheels with many causing Love-at-first-sight syndromes, i find that classic Porsches and 911s on the other hand, sort of grow on you more and more every year.

 photo DSC04039.jpg

 photo DSC04040.jpg
The Dirty Martini sporting some spiffy raised white lettering tire stickers.

 photo DSC04043.jpg
Special guest!

 photo DSC04048.jpg
Sexy Challenge Stradale. Lady driven. (With heels)

 photo DSC04056.jpg
I had no idea there were all these Stradales around in Singapore. Where are they hiding?

 photo DSC04063.jpg
One last bum shot before we took to the roads.

 photo DSC04067.jpg
Mid-way pit stop for a photo-op.

 photo DSC04080.jpg
Like the Challenge Stradales, i have no idea Singapore has all these 356s.

 photo DSC04071.jpg
Sexiest 911 imo. (Unless you count in the uber-rare 964 Speedster)

 photo DSC03955.jpg

 photo DSC04070.jpg

 photo DSC04090.jpg
Closest we have to a Singer.

 photo DSC04094.jpg
Another F-car we don’t see very much nowadays, the 550/575 Maranello.

 photo DSC04135.jpg

 photo DSC04101.jpg

 photo DSC04112.jpg

 photo DSC04109.jpg
Pure 80s excess.

 photo DSC04121.jpg
Look at them strakes.

 photo DSC04118.jpg
Another 308. I want one so bad.

 photo DSC04132.jpg
Gated shifter. Love it.

 photo DSC04114.jpg

 photo DSC04159.jpg

 photo DSC04154.jpg
Not a bad lineup right?

 photo DSC04178.jpg
Classic couple.

 photo DSC04186.jpg
Soon after, we hit the end of our drive and the final rest stop.

 photo DSC04195.jpg

 photo DSC04192.jpg

 photo DSC04200.jpg
Some last parting shots. Please excuse me for not going crazy snapping away as i usually would. Driving around with the roof down with the tropical sun giving us a nice tan does get rather tiring.

 photo DSC04204.jpg

 photo DSC04305.jpg

 photo DSC04231.jpg

 photo DSC04238.jpg

 photo DSC04214.jpg
For those interested, here’s a little video of our drive. Till next year! (Hopefully)

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