Cars & Kopi – SG50 Edition

Happy Birthday Singapore! Or at least, Happy Belated! Our little nation celebrated her 50th birthday just a week ago which granted us a lovely 4-day weekend full of activities all over our sunny island. Incidentally, since the last Cars & Kopi meet was about 3 months ago, why not try having another one?

 photo DSC04291.jpg
Of course since it was a long weekend, we sort of expected many to be away spending time with their loved one overseas and to be honest, we had no idea how many would turn up. Weather reports leading up to the morning were also pretty grim with thunderstorms predicted throughout the week. In the end, we needn’t have worried as the weather was amazingly great for a car meet and even though we anticipated a smaller showing, it turn out to be our biggest Cars & Kopi meet ever!

 photo DSC04289.jpg
I managed to wake up earlier than expected and decided to head over ahead of schedule to catch other early risers. Since i was early, i took some shots of my “newly” re-acquired E34. I shall christen her, Giselle.

 photo DSC04297.jpg
I also printed a number of commemorative SG50 stickers to give out to those attending. Turns out i totally underestimated the power of Singapore automotive enthusiasts!

 photo DSC04306.jpg

 photo DSC04309.jpg
Lovely 911 arrived soon after i parked up.

 photo DSC04307.jpg

 photo DSC04305.jpg

 photo DSC04302.jpg

 photo DSC04319.jpg
Soon,cars started trickling into the carpark, like this beautiful Austin Healey.

 photo DSC04336.jpg

 photo DSC04327.jpg

 photo DSC04326.jpg

 photo DSC04341.jpg
For the first time ever, we had enough BMWs to create our own little Bavarian corner. I shuffled Giselle over of course.

 photo DSC04356.jpg

 photo DSC04349.jpg

 photo DSC04463.jpg
I hope you’ll agree that the E24 is one of BMW’s best looking cars ever penned, i sure think so.

 photo DSC04415.jpg

 photo DSC04369.jpg
Clean E30 just out from the workshop after a total refresh.

 photo DSC04417.jpg

 photo DSC04424.jpg
The E30 above is clean, but i think this E34 goes one step further.

 photo DSC04389.jpg
 photo DSC04384.jpg
Shortly after, this behemoth shows up.

 photo DSC04579.jpg
Then this…

 photo DSC04582.jpg

 photo DSC04376.jpg

 photo DSC04575.jpg

 photo DSC04571.jpg

 photo DSC04585.jpg

 photo DSC04587.jpg

 photo DSC04375.jpg
And so our little Cars & Kopi meet has gone from a handful or cars (yes really, you could have counted the cars with 1 hand) sitting outside a Killiney Kopitiam to a Rolls Royce Phantom III and a Lexus LFA. I think we might be onto something here…

 photo DSC04405.jpg

 photo DSC04408.jpg

 photo DSC04402.jpg
Another Lexus. No, that IS250 badge is a false flag.

 photo DSC04399.jpg

 photo DSC04433.jpg

 photo DSC04440.jpg

 photo DSC04436.jpg
This single-owner Ponton has probably one of the most valuable plates on the island.

 photo DSC04456.jpg
Elegantly blue.

 photo DSC04452.jpg

 photo DSC04442.jpg
An extremely patriotic MG although i the flag might be somewhat inverted. Ooopsies.

 photo DSC04481.jpg

 photo DSC04479.jpg
Another British Roadster, this time in the form of a Jag E-type. What’s with E-types and immaculate paintjobs? Flawless once again!

 photo DSC04590.jpg

 photo DSC04477.jpg
More modern interpretations of the British Sportscar.

 photo DSC04505.jpg
Even Luigi turned up!

 photo DSC04495.jpg

 photo DSC04498.jpg
You can’t help but feel happy when looking at it, what a cheerful car.

 photo DSC04488.jpg
The Mercedes gang turned up in force this time round. Towards the end of the meet, even a 190SL showed up, but i had to leave and sadly, didn’t get around to taking pictures of it.

 photo DSC04487.jpg
The Bangle Fiat.

 photo DSC04510.jpg
B-Road Outlaw FC.

 photo DSC04468.jpg
No keeping the JDMs out as well!

 photo DSC04570.jpg

 photo DSC04566.jpg
A very colorful lineup!

 photo DSC04591.jpg
The Honda FD2R, there used to be so many roaming our streets, now i hardly see them.

 photo DSC04596.jpg
A very very rare car indeed! An unmolested EVO 9! Sitting alongside a lovingly looked after Prelude.

 photo DSC04316.jpg
Miata’s always the answer! I wonder when will be the day one of the new NDs join in.

 photo DSC04606.jpg
And yes, the Air-cooleds, big thanks to them for always supporting our meets!

 photo DSC04556.jpg

 photo DSC04538.jpg

 photo DSC04532.jpg
White 964 dumped on BBS LMs, what more do you want?

 photo DSC04519.jpg

 photo DSC04524.jpg
Very good looking!

 photo DSC04548.jpg

 photo DSC04552.jpg

 photo DSC04554.jpg
Still want one, still can’t afford one. Imma gonna buy me an Xbox-One and a copy of Need For Speed instead i guess.

 photo DSC04541.jpg

 photo DSC04611.jpg

 photo DSC04563.jpg
Ciao Bella! Always love classic Alfas. One of them was for sale too!

 photo DSC04560.jpg

 photo DSC04558.jpg
Our meet this time round also had a lovely showing of Air-cooleds of a different variety!

 photo DSC04613.jpg

 photo DSC04617.jpg
Nostalgic Japanese metal getting some attention! Unfortunately, because i was just too busy running about distributing stickers and chatting with friends and attendees, these are all the pictures i managed to grab, there were really just so many cars that i could only pay attention to a handful. Now the questions is, where do we go from here?


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