Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Day 1, Part 8-Heavy Hitters

As with all other auto shows, there’s going to be some exotic machinery on show but in the Tokyo Auto Salon, there were more than a fair share of these big money rides. We’ve already covered the Lamborghinis from Liberty Walk and Boom Craft, so let’s take a look at just some of the other Heavy Hitters we encountered on our first day.

 photo DSC07375.jpg
How do you one-up your own booth last year which showcased a trio of F40s? How about an F40, F50 and Enzo all sitting together?

 photo DSC07367.jpg
 photo DSC07361.jpg
 photo DSC07379.jpg
This was Roberuta’s booth showcasing their frontal air-lift systems for this trifecta of exotics.

 photo DSC07487.jpg
 photo DSC07489.jpg
VITT Squalo’s hot pink and bedazzled Aventador.

 photo DSC07345.jpg
 photo DSC07338.jpg
 photo DSC08055.jpg
Proving once again that nothing is sacred when it comes to customizing cars in Japan, Anija’s Zonda S now rocking a blue paint scheme.

 photo DSC08046.jpg
 photo DSC08052.jpg
Vorsteiner got to work quickly on the newly launched Huracan.

 photo DSC08025.jpg
 photo DSC08018.jpg
Leap Design showcased two really good looking Maseratis. I especially liked what they did with the Ghibli which just looks a little truncated in stock form.

 photo DSC08269.jpg
If you can’t outgun ’em, why not try running over them instead? Mercedes brought out their massive AMG G63 6×6. It was really big.

 photo DSC08029.jpg
 photo DSC08026.jpg
A slightly smaller AMG G-wagen, from Fairy Design.

 photo P1190158.jpg
 photo P1190159.jpg
Italian pair from Rowen.

 photo DSC08364.jpg
 photo DSC08365.jpg
Over in the TWS wheels booth, a really good looking Ferrari F12 sat next to yet again, another Lamborghini.

 photo DSC08351.jpg
Also inside TWS, a stunning SLS Black, in white.

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