Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Day 1, Part 9-The Bavarian Brigade/BMWs of TAS

After covering a number of Exotic European machinery, let’s take a step back and take a look at something a little closer to my heart (and wallet). Let’s take a look at the BMWs from the Tokyo Auto Salon.

 photo DSC08772.jpg
With BMW enjoying an ever growing popularity in Japan, it was only fitting that BMW themselves were present at the Auto Salon to prevent arch rivals Mercedes from stealing the Euro limelight.

 photo DSC08776.jpg
 photo DSC08780.jpg
Though they displayed only a handful of models (the 2 series especially, being just launched in Japan at the time), the Z4 GT3 racer and i8 pair didn’t need much effort to attract the crowds.

 photo DSC09437.jpg
 photo DSC09448.jpg
 photo DSC09445.jpg
Over at the Yokohama booth, Studie brought out another i8 but slightly more tricked out. It remains to be seen what other goodies will be in store for this particular car.

 photo DSC09615.jpg
With more and more Japanese tuners have begun developing their own parts as well as bringing in tuning goodies from overseas for these Bavarian bruisers, it’s only a matter of time before some good old fashioned JDM power eventually gets force fed into the turbo engines from Munich.

 photo P1190097.jpg
 photo DSC09617.jpg
Dort’s delicious M4 sitting on two different sets of wheels.

 photo P1190032.jpg
 photo P1190030.jpg
Yas Marina M4 sitting in KW/Akrapovic’s booth. Got rake?

 photo P1190127.jpg
 photo P1190130.jpg
Another Studie BMW, this time, an M235i kitted out with M-Performance bits and sitting on AVS wheels.

 photo DSC_0519.jpg
One of the big highlights of the show, the totally wild Varis VRS Z4. No doubt inspired by the Z4 GT3.

 photo DSC_0526.jpg
Varis also showcased an M4.

 photo P1190091.jpg
Vertice Design’s D1 BMW runs a pumped up 2JZ under that bonnet.

 photo DSC07636.jpg
 photo DSC07653.jpg
The aftermarket World moves at a pretty fast and furious pace when you realize that the M4/M3 were launched not THAT long ago.

 photo DSC07276.jpg
 photo DSC07279.jpg
Agiosport also showcased a new M4 but their slammed 335i was the one getting most of the attention.

 photo DSC07281.jpg
 photo DSC07287.jpg
Mad wheels and even madder sparkly flakes paint.

 photo DSC07387.jpg
Energy Motorsport’s i3. Supposedly the first ever i3 to receive some aftermarket tuning. But a tad much perhaps?

 photo DSC07386.jpg
 photo DSC07350.jpg
Their non electric offerings were slightly easier on the eyes.

 photo DSC07596.jpg
White seems to be one of the most popular colors for BMWs in Japan with a pair of white knights in Kellener Sport’s booth.

 photo DSC08357.jpg
Upping the power ante in this M5 at TWS.

 photo DSC07292.jpg
 photo DSC07289.jpg
 photo DSC07297.jpg
3D Design brought out a number of cars, from this pair of Ms…

 photo DSC07274.jpg
…To this X4…

 photo DSC07264.jpg
 photo DSC07269.jpg
And this crushing orange i3. Although the color might be a little searing for some, the aesthetic touches are in my opinion much better executed than Energy Motorsport’s iteration.

 photo DSC07586.jpg
 photo DSC07584.jpg
Duo from Duke Dynamics.

 photo DSC07066.jpg
 photo DSC07071.jpg
 photo DSC07706.jpg
Finishing off, we have an M6 Gran Coupe sitting next to a pimped out Defender, and an X6 next to a Lamborghini. Only in the Tokyo Auto Salon.


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