Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Day 1, Part 6-Legend of Tuning Car

For those of you who might be bemoaning the lack of good old fashioned performance builds, fret not, because tucked away in the Event Halls of Makuhari Messe lie a collection of legendary builds. Aptly named “Legend of Tuning Car”, this display area was curated and put together by JDM magazines, Option, Rev-Speed, G-Works and Drift Tengoku.

 photo DSC07912.jpg
Bringing together a number of builds from various shops, they managed to pull together some of the most legendary builds ever to come out of Japan. Top Secret’s Twin-Turbo V12 Final Evolution Supra, Mine’s R35 GTR, RE Amemiya’s Super Greddy and Option2’s very own Silvia were just some of the notable cars sitting in this hall. All these cars here were such a sight that if we were in any other country besides Japan, this Event Hall would probably be a stand-alone show on its own!

 photo DSC07904.jpg
 photo DSC07905.jpg
Although not looking as outlandish as some of the cars here, i just kept finding myself hovering over was this super clean looking R32 GTR from HKS Technical Factory. To the casual observer it might look like just another GTR32 but for eagle-eyed show-goers, there’s much more than meets the eye.

 photo DSC07989.jpg
Those wheels, that subtle bodykit, those twin protruding exhaust. This is no mere R32… This is HKS’s Zero-R. A mega rare R32 of which only 4 were ever built, with 1 sold off to the Sultan of Brunei. For a full background story on the Zero-R, head over to Speedhunters.

 photo DSC07898.jpg
 photo DSC07897.jpg
Another car from a bygone era, Option2 magazine editor Masa Saitoh’s very own Silvia. I remember seeing pictures of this car when i was still in school. Those graphics and wheels are just so distinctive. Unfortunately, Masa Saitoh passed away when testing a top speed Honda in 1998 and judging from the condition of the rubber, it seems this car has not moved much for a really long time as well. Perhaps they wanted to keep it this way as a tribute to Masa. A magnificent car with a very sad story.

 photo DSC07911.jpg
 photo DSC07952.jpg
As mentioned above, Top Secret’s Final Evolution Supra is here. Some say it’s one of the most intense Supra builds ever and i cannot disagree. Two HKS GT2835 turbochargers force feed a 5-liter V12 and allows it to punch out a very very healthy 930 horses. Maxxing out in Nardo at 358km/h, no news yet on how much more it might (or has already) acheive on Smoky’s home turf, the Wangan.

 photo DSC07909.jpg
 photo DSC07945.jpg
No introduction needed, there’s only really one shop creating RX7s with custom headlights like that, RE Amemiya and their Super Greddy 3. With over 400 horses delivered, it might be less than half of the Top Secret Supra but we’re guessing this ain’t no slouch.

 photo DSC07941.jpg
For those who grew up playing Gran Turismo, the Mine’s GTRs were always the ones to have.

 photo DSC07938.jpg
 photo DSC07960.jpg
The cars from one of the most recognized names in the Japanese aftermarket tuning scene might not boast the biggest power figures but boy were they balanced, and mighty mighty quick!

 photo DSC07844.jpg
Over at G-sports, one of Rocky Auto’s most recognisable creations, its carbon-clad Hakosuka.

 photo DSC07850.jpg
 photo DSC07854.jpg
Running an RB26 under the hood, those fat meaty tyres out back are not just for show.

 photo DSC07857.jpg
The view most unsuspecting drivers will see if they ever try to take on this old timer.

 photo DSC07922.jpg
Sitting alongside Rocky Auto’s Hakosuka was a 4-door Kenmeri from Restored.

 photo DSC07860.jpg
 photo DSC07929.jpg
 photo DSC07926.jpg
Star Road brought along not 1 but 2 S30s in slightly different levels of trim. Both built to similarly high standards, that is the Star Road way. The orange one sported a much more sporty outlook, rocking some big overfenders housing a set of really wide wheels.

 photo DSC07870.jpg
 photo DSC07919.jpg
And next to it was a much more subtle but still stunning build. I really wish i can have one of these.

 photo DSC07958.jpg
On the topic of wide overfenders, M&M Honda Racing brought out a very good looking S2000.

 photo DSC07956.jpg
 photo DSC07968.jpg
For those out there thinking that this widebody scene might be getting played out, there’s no denying it looks really good on this S2000.

 photo DSC07935.jpg
 photo DSC07934.jpg
 photo DSC07966.jpg
Shell-Engineering also brought along a widened out demo car in the form of a Rocket Bunny kitted 86.

 photo DSC07885.jpg
Z-Project’s take on the wide-body trend has them grafting some big overfenders to this Z33 with their GT3 kit.

 photo DSC07863.jpg
For a more show-style look, Mercury’s 86 featured some molded on and slightly customized overfenders from Aimgain.

 photo DSC07915.jpg
If hard-parking is not for you than D-Langauge’s serious looking R205(GRB) WRX STI might work for you.

 photo DSC07824.jpg
 photo DSC07877.jpg
 photo DSC07881.jpg
 photo DSC07891.jpg
Other cars that were showcased in the event hall with Drift-Tengoku magazine bringing along a pair of machines adept at going sideways more often than straight.

 photo DSC07982.jpg
A funky Rally-themed machine built from a Subaru kei-van. I wonder if this is built to go sideways as well.

 photo DSC07829.jpg
Also seen at the Drift Tengoku booth. I should have picked a roll of tape up just for fun.

 photo DSC07840.jpg
If you are REALLY into the drift scene. Some Drift pancakes for you? Be sure to eat them sideways.

 photo DSC07841.jpg
 photo DSC07832.jpg
Other interesting merchandise on sale.

 photo DSC07976.jpg
 photo DSC07973.jpg
And if you’re into cars of a smaller scale, check out these rad dioramas.

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