Joy of machines: CARS & KOPI Spring 2023.

Another quarter, another meeting. 2023 seems to be flying by pretty quickly, don’t you think? While COVID is still lurking around in the shadows, for most of us, life as we know it seems to be going back to normal—whatever “normal” may be, of course. For myself, this has inevitably meant more days back in the office, which also means I now have much less time for chasing cars and updating my blog.

But enough of my rants, let’s get back to our usual gathering of like-minded gearheads. With our last few meets being greeted by unwelcomed showers, it was a great relief to finally see sunny bright skies as I made my way into Dempsey. Lo and behold, there were already a few cars parked up, even earlier than I was! I’m truly amazed and thankful for the support Cars & Kopi has been getting over the years. Again, I’d like to thank each and everyone who dragged themselves out of bed on a lovely public holiday morning to stand around an empty carpark under the Singapore sun to look at cars.

As many of you might know (or not), 2023 marks Porsche’s 75th anniversary. In support of this milestone year, Cars & Kopi will be collaborating with Porsche Singapore for this year’s set of Cars & Kopi stickers. While I have printed extra, they tend to go quickly. So if you’ve missed out on previous occasions, be sure to drop by early next time! I promise it’ll be rad!

Since it’s Porsche’s special year, the turnout of these beautiful cars from Stuttgart was amazing, with even a 911jr joining the ranks. First sold in the 1980s, the 911jr was a bonafide Porsche product that could be ordered from dealerships back in the day. It is believed that only 224 were built, with not many surviving today.

For those who are curious, yes, the 911jr has an engine in the back, but it shares little in common with its larger sibling. Instead of the 200hp Porsche motor, we have a little Honda four-stroke producing only 2.2hp!

To cope with all that power, the 911jr has independent suspension, and yes, a clutch and a manual gearbox with two forward gears and even reverse! Safety features come in the form of working headlights, indicators, brake lights, and a horn. When new, these little machines came with two ignition keys and an owner’s manual!

Considering how dear they were back in the day, getting your hands on one now would require not just plenty of tracking effort, but a considerable amount of expandable cash too! But at least, there’s no COE to worry about.

Continuing with our “fun-sized” content, we have two more rather interesting cars that popped up: a beautifully restored Isetta 300 and a tricked-out Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. Gotta love the passion shown here.

Just like the 911jr, the Isetta’s dimunitive size does not necessarily mean it’ll be light on your pockets. Quite the opposite!

And while we’re on the topic of rare cars, this Lotus Eclat is one of only a handful still running on our local roads. To be honest, this is the only Eclat I’ve seen so far, but I hear there are a couple more hidden away. Its simple lines have aged rather well, don’t you think?

I think these Meganes have aged rather well too. A car which many considered strange and awkward looking back in the day has now become rather attractive.

I see a color-theme emerging.

Here’s yet another Megane, albeit one that many didn’t really take much notice of. For those in the know, this Megane is one of the rarest cars on our little island because this particular unit is the only Trophy R ever to be registered. Lucky you to have spotted it!

It does look like it has seen some action.

Speaking of action, I’m positive these old-timers have seen plenty of it with more than a Century’s worth of stories to tell no doubt.

Yes, seeing these guys turn up was pretty special.

This Buick has massive presence.

Though, I do think it takes quite a bit more courage to pilot this little Austin 7 on our SUV-infested roads!

You know you’ve made it in life when you show up in a 356.

And then there were 2. Which do you prefer? Top down or closed coupe?

Simple yet lovely.

Fast forward 75 years, and we have the 911 Sport Classic – the second of four heritage models that Porsche has unveiled for 2023. With only 1,250 units set to be built by Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, this particular unit was also the first to be registered on our sunny shores. It’s a beaut.

Hearsay, this was also the only one to be registered just before our local automotive taxes were recently raised!

The Sport Classic wasn’t the only Uber Stuttgart special to show up.

Because not too far away, was a 911R. Only 991 made and all sold out almost instantly at launch. This is, again, one of the rarest cars in Singapore.

Since we’re now onto Porsches, let’s do a P-car photo bomb! Enjoy!

And just in case you were thinking this was turning into a Porsche blog (it’s not… well, not yet anyways), let’s mix it up.

Well… These two Do have somerthing in common!

Mark 2, meet Mark 2.

Little fella obviously not impressed.

Maybe he’ll be happier to see a Scooby?


Or perhaps its brother in arms (or natural-born rival), the EVO?

Maybe the wagon?

This wagon did get quite a bit of attention though, not often you’d see a V90 (or a Volvo, for that matter) all decked out!

It seems wagons like to hunt in pairs.

And speaking of pairs, here’s a rather iconic duo for those born who grew up in a certain era.

Depending on your source of inspiration, you’d either have eurobeats playing in your head or that intro track from Jay Chou’s tune. Perhaps, even both?

Pick your poison.

It’s peculiar how the contemporary versions of these “JDM legends” don’t seem to garner as much attention or admiration from the trendy hype crowd, despite surpassing their predecessors in every quantifiable aspect. But perhaps that’s not entirely a negative thing, as it could potentially help maintain reasonable prices in the future.

That said, Toyota’s on quite a run with their latest sports (and sporty) cars don’t you think?

Quite possibly their most beautifully penned car for this generation. If you ever catch one of these LC500s in brown with a cream interior, you’d jizz in your pants.

Luckily this one was red. Still stunning nonetheless.

Yes, I have a thing for Toyotas now. And yes, I wish I had a Crown.

But then again, I do wish or a lot of things.

Ladies, if your man ever rolls his eyes when you want to wear matching outfits, show him this. I still kick myself sometimes for missing out on an SW20 a year ago. Too many “what ifs” in my life.

I’m also still waiting to scratch that Miata/MX-5 itch one day. Will it ever happen?

For a little bit more pizazz, here’s Lotus’ latest Emira dropping by. Such a lovely design but unfortunately a slightly less lovely pricetag.

Would you spring for a brand new Lotus Emira or suck up the road tax (and maintenance fees) for a used (and slightly cheaper) Fiorano?

For sure the Emira is sweet and no doub,t highly sophisticated, but it is going to be really tough to resist the pull of an Italian lady from Maranello.

Yes, you could also opt for a Gallardo instead.

For those of us not quite fortunate (yet) to ever have to ponder such a conumdrum, there’s always coffee. Thanks again for coming, see you at the next one!


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