Project 944: Snail Mail

I guess it’s inevitable, after countless times dealing with potential buyers of Project 944 either getting cold feet or using our slightly leaky (but still boosting well!) turbo as a huge bargaining chip, i’ve decided to bite the bullet and ship in a reconditioned unit and get this job done once and for all! It […]

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Time sure flies by when you’re busy trying to get some work done doesn’t it? It sure feels like it since more than 3 months have flown by when we last held our little meet. I’ll have to confess, every single time i put the word out for another gathering, i get the jitters and […]

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Car Spotting in Germany

Whilst looking through my collection of photos and reminiscing my immensely memorable trip from a couple of months ago, i realised i failed to share with you readers the cars i spotted on my travels. If you were imagining Germany to be littered with Porsches, BMWs, Benzes and numerous fast Audis. You’d be almost right. […]

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