Sorry guys, my blog might not be functioning properly soon. Image host Photobucket has decided to no longer support 3rd party linking unless i “upgrade” to their US$399 a year hosting plan. As my site is not revenue generating and i’m spending my own $$$ to keep it running (I’m currently paying photobucket to host […]

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Breakfast run

When a friend suggested a quick breakfast run over the weekend, i thought it would have been the perfect excuse to exercise the Transaxle’s legs. But of course the car had other plans… No, that’s not oil. That’s fuel. Don’t worry, it has since been fixed (after relieving itself of about a quarter tank of […]

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Cars & Kopi – Summer 2017

It’s been a long time since we last held a Cars & Kopi meet! Admittedly, it was probably because i was just too caught up with trying to get Project 944 back on the road and when issue after issue kept cropping up with the 80s Stuttgart machine, i was just too drained on my […]

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