With just some final touchups to go, Project 944’s L37W paintwork is finally complete! Hopefully by the time you read this, it should be back at R2D to undergo final mechanical work for the rear subframe, gearbox and differential. L37W’s not looking too bad! Throwing up a slightly different shade of color at various angles, […]

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Project 944: One year on

Coming back from all our side quests exploring other 944s in Singapore, it’s already the tail end of November, which means, a year has pretty much gone by since we’ve bought the car. Our projected budget went bust many months ago and our projected timeline has also (as you can see) been binned. So a […]

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Project 944: Booty call

Another week has gone by and a quick recap of what has been done, as you see in the opening image, the boot has just been painted and with the bonnet back in place, i reckon the engine bay has received some L37W as well. A bit later in the day, a friend of mine […]

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Project 944: Clearest Blue

If by now you haven’t figured it out, no more prizes for guessing the color of Project 944! (But, to be honest, there really wasn’t any to begin with) Yes, our money pit project car has been christened with a fresh coat of blue. Porsche L37W to be precise. While our initial plan was to […]

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