Tokyo Auto Otaku 2023 – Back in Japan!

We’re back! Though not without some slight hiccups. I was planning to head over to Toyosu market early this morning for breakfast, but after 2 years of being away, I’ve forgotten just how overwhelming Tokyo can be and as you’d expect, totally underestimated just how exhausted I would be after spending an entire day out in the metropolis both sightseeing and working remotely, which did cause some time constraints with what I could achieve on my first day’s schedule. Having lunch is over-rated anyway right?

So, with the Tokyo Auto Salon about to open its doors tomorrow, I figured I’d take things a little bit slower today, starting with resting a little bit more in my lovely room at the Nohga Akihabara hotel (what a Godsend after my previous years’ of tiny business rooms) and try to avoid over-exerting myself today, but considering that it’s Tokyo we’re talking about, this might be difficult.

So yes, the Tokyo Auto Salon, yours truly will be there bright and early Friday morning to cover as much as I can over the course of the day and perhaps Saturday morning as well. If things are how they were pre-Covid, expect it to be rather hectic! There’s a small contingent of Singaporeans here for TAS too so expect plenty of updates on your favourite Instagrams!

That said, it’s now time to head out for some coffee and JDM food. It is going to be a crazy day tomorrow, stay tuned!

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