Class of 2022: CARS & KOPI Winter 2022.

Now that the festivities, feasting and revelry have more or less concluded, I figured it’s time to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a blessed 2023. What a year 2022 was, from the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, the resumption of leisure travel and the return to a sense of normalcy for many of us. For those who’ve had a rough year, it’s time for a breather and a well-deserved slap on the back because you’ve made it through. Keep looking up because things can only get better, trust me, I’ve been there.

The lifting of group-size restrictions also meant a return to our little Cars & Kopi meet and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the amazing support through the years, and whilst there were a few hiccups here and there, I’d like to think that for the most part, we managed to keep our meets family-friendly.

Moving on from our soggy morning back in October, I expected a rather chill reception for our last meet of the year. After all, that has always been the case pre-covid as most people would be overseas with their families on vacation at the end of the year.

That seemed to be the case as I pulled into Dempsey ahead of schedule, spotting a couple of other early birds who also turned up early to grab prime parking spots.

Just like me.

Arriving early though, also has other advantages, like allowing me to grab photos of cars against a relatively clear backdrop. Like when this E24 635csi rolled.

It was a manual too! One of BMW’s best exterior designs ever penned in my opinion, with classic styling cues all around and that signature shark nose.

My dad had one of these when I was a kid, though it was “only” a 628csi fitted with an automatic, it was kitted out in full Zender regalia. The sunroof was leaky, and there was rust on the boot lid, but it was such a beautiful car and I wished so much I could drive it one day. Sadly, that never happened as he sold it not too long later. I also regrettably never took any photos of it. Anyway, moving on…

As the morning progressed, whatever preconceptions I had about this being a relatively quiet meet were very quickly blown out of the water as the cars started to quickly roll in one after another.

Seeing that this was not only the last meet of the year but also the last Cars & Kopi meet to close off BMW M’s 50-year celebration, I figured I’d start with the cars from Bavaria. Let’s go.

A member of BMW M Royalty showed up, the E46 M3 CSL.

The local M dealers also brought this M3 Competition down, featuring a white on denim blue and yellow interior. Very lovely combination.

Matchy-matchy colours.

Ultimate Driving Machines.

Another E24 joined up and this one isn’t just a 635csi, it is the real deal M635csi, otherwise known as the M6 in the states. Why wasn’t it called the M6 everywhere else? Well, because back in the day, there wasn’t such a thing as an M6, an M5, or even an M3. The only full-blown M cars that came before were the bespoke M1 and the M535i, which made sense to initially call their first 6-Series M car the M635csi.

M88/3 inside. An engine derived from the M1 and one which would eventually be developed further, culminating in the S38/B38 found in later versions of the E34 M5. The last iteration of this race-bred engine.

There was also much E30 love. Do I miss mine? At current prices, not really. Unless a coupe comes along one day.

I do miss my 2002 though, hopefully, she’ll be out in a few months. Fingers crossed. Bonus points here for that rather clean Kia Koup sitting in front of the 02. I always thought the Kia Koup was a great-looking car as long as one doesn’t go overboard with aftermarket additions. It’s a bit of a shame how the Koup never really got the enthusiasts’ power/drivetrain it deserved, it had so much potential.

While the E24 is one of BMW’s best classic shapes, its F06/F12/F13 great-grandsons are in my humble opinion, one of the best current-day designs, as seen in its ultimate M6 form here. I’d love to have an F13 one day, no need to be greedy, I’d be happy with a 640i. In Msport trim. In Vermilion Red. With a black interior. One day…

E89s are also a really attractive option.

Let’s not forget BMW’s brothers from another mother.

As well as their distant but not-too-distant British cousins.

With BMW’s celebrations drawing to a close in 2022, it is now time for Porsche to take over as they turn 75. I hear they have some pretty cool stuff in store!

From one end of Stuttgart to another.

One of the cleanest R129s around locally I’d reckon.

This W113 Pagoda wins the license plate game.


Two very different design approaches to the classic coupe proportions, with the C107(and R107) eschewing a lighter aesthetic to the W126 SEC’s more brutal execution. Again, I reckon the C107 is still currently flying under the radar for many though it probably won’t be for much longer.

Of course, it doesn’t get more brutalist than the W140. Legit.

A rather contrasting duo. This inevitably brings us to the cars from the land of the rising sun.

GRrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I’m an angry Yaris!!!

I’m an angry Yaris too!!! GRrrr!!!

It’s really sad that these HAVE to be launched when COEs are (again) at their most astronomical highs, just like when the first-gen GT86 was released 10 years ago. Estimated price from the local Toyota distributor? A hefty SGD$240,000. Read and weep.

Celebrate all the cars.

Which would you rather have? Be honest. You picked the Ferrari right?

As you can see, there were plenty of Yota’s around, in all shapes and sizes.

Vtec squad.

It is a huge shame Honda never followed up on their amazing S2000, making these cars now highly sought after with values to match.

That said, if high-revving NA JDMS aren’t quite your thing, there were plenty of turbocharged monsters lurking around.

GTR32/33/34s are so expensive now it’s not even funny. I blame Trump. (Don’t write me).

With our cars taxed on engine capacity, there is no doubt going the turbo-charged route is the way to go for those seeking power.

Though some are RA-Rer than others! (Hah!)

Of course, if you have the means, it doesn’t hurt to have both. I highly recommend it.

Italians showing us that not all NAs are born the same.

Regardless though, what matters most is that we enjoy our machines, no matter what they are, while we still can.

Before I sign off with a host of cutting room floor images, I’d like to once again thank every single one of you for the support over the years and also for even coming up to me and saying hi. I seriously never thought I’d still be doing this after 10 years and that people will actually be reading my unstructured ramblings and actually think what I’m doing is “cool”. But I’m happy to keep at it as long as Cars & Kopi continues to make a positive impact on our local automotive community. Here’s to 2023, it’s gonna be a cool year for Cars & Kopi and I really really cannot wait to show you what we have in store. But before that, it’s time to head to Tokyo. Drive safe everyone!

Thanks for reading and for the many years of support!
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