Oktober-rain. Cars & Kopi Autumn 2022.

It was bound to happen, after being blessed with lovely weather for the numerous meet-ups for the last few sessions, the skies finally opened up and emptied themselves over Dempsey Hill on the morning of our third meet of the year, Not that it was entirely unexpected though, considering it had been raining every other day throughout the month.

With the skies starting to get rather gloomy as I made my way to our local meet-up locale, I wondered if our usual turnouts would dissipate on this soon-to-be soggy day. It did seem like a really nice morning to sleep in!

For those who’ve not noticed, my 2002 is still, sadly, not done yet, and to add insult to injury, the Mark II’s starter motor decided to pack up just a day before. Luckily though, there’s still the ever-reliable Pebble-grey XC40 to the rescue!

Though if your car happened to suffer from a flat battery, a car meet would be a pretty lucky place for it to happen, with plenty of assistance readily available. (Bonus points if you are a girl).

Arriving 20 minutes before the expected start of the meet, I thought I was early, but a number of cars had already beat me to it. Really love the enthusiasm and support from everyone!

Whilst there were plenty of lovely rides descending upon Dempsey, it was pretty obvious which one was the absolute showstopper.

Goodness gracious me. From the walls of my childhood bedroom straight into real life.

Even in 2022, seeing a Countach in the metal just doesn’t get old, does it? Imagine what people back in 1970 thought when this first came out! They must have had their collective minds blown!

(Bow bow) Oh yeah (Chick chicka chicka) ~ ~ ~

Cars & Kopi’s eclectic mix of autos. Bring what you love, because we share the same passion.

I was of course, on hand giving out stickers, for those who’ve missed out, I apologize. I printed double (from our last meet) and it was again, still not enough! For those who are still keen, I will be putting some up for sale, so do hit up my DMs to enquire. With regards to next year’s theme/stickers, we might have something really special in store, so stay tuned!

Yip (@Yipyeets) was also handing out little souvenirs, the first time I got something back lol.

Aside from handing out stickers and catching up with fellow enthusiasts, I did my best to grab some photos. I also tried my hand at creating a video, do forgive the amateurish end result.

Even with the miserable weather, Stuttgart’s finest put on a strong showing, which one’s your favorite?

This one’s not bad too!

Found the spy?

Can’t fault one of these. Now legit millionaires’ cars.

Great spec.

Since we’re on the topic of rather pricey Japanese cars… Here’s one that’s really quite rare locally.

Midship crew.

AW11 still lookin’ sharp.

Another rare auto on our local shores, a non-M Z4 Coupe, there are probably fewer of these 3.0si variants than the M cars. I still really want one, should have bought one when I had the chance.

That Alfa’s really pretty too. These two would make a pretty awesome 2-car garage lineup in my opinion.

Hard to go wrong (aesthetically) with an Alfa from the 105/115 generation. Would be nice to park next to one when my 02 is finally out and running. Don’t ask me when.

Given a choice, I would still have picked my 2002 though. Deutschland, Munchen represent ya!

Speaking of which, here’s one of the last V10 M6’s left in Singapore, with prohibitively (stupid) expensive taxes having taken most off the magnificent machines of the road…

…and here’s one of the last V01 M5’s left on our roads for that very same reason. Whilst it might have seemed rather flash at the time with its side vents and larger wheels, these visual flourishes now pale in comparison to the latest offerings from BMW’s motorsport division.

I fear the same (killer tax) fate might befall the V8 M3s in due time which is just sad to think about for they make such a glorious noise on the move.

One of their best, the sublime BMW 1M. Such a memorable drive.

But if you prefer a bit more stealth with your speed, there are always the rather exclusive offerings from Buchloe.

Good to see old Bimmers are still being cared for.

Our old gal, still pulling strong whilst hiding under the radar. She’s up for sale if anyone’s keen.

I hope she finds a good home. If you spot anyone with that green sticker, that’s the OG Cars & Kopi sticker. I think it has improved along the way no?

A very very tidy R129, I think the market for these have bottomed out but I reckon that finding a decent one might be the bigger challenge.

And interestingly, unlike their drop-top SL counterparts, the closed-roof (and rather handsome) R107 SLCs are still sitting within the realm of “attainable”, though I reckon they won’t be there for very much longer.

Big Coupes are always cool and aagin, another rarity on our local shores.

Whilst not an entirely horrible car (I think), Alfa Romeo’s tumultuous reputation for being “full of character” (ie: breaking down) , and very optimistic market positioning have definitely affected sales of their newer cars. Pity.

A pity my Mark II wasn’t around to mingle with its Altezza RS200 sibling.

There was, of course, plenty of Japanese metal in the mix as well. Some newer…

…while others are slightly older…

…and a few with quite a bit more years of driving experience.

But the most important thing is that everyone had a good time!

Until the next round! Safe driving and once again, stay tuned for exciting times in 2023!!!

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