An Auto-Otaku in Munich 2022: Obletter Spielwaren

Chances are if you’re an automotive geek, you’re probably into toy and model cars as well right? No? Keep reading anyway.

For those who do enjoy collecting or looking at these little miniature delights, I’d highly recommend dropping by Obletter Spielwaren if you’re in Karlsplatz/Marienplatz, the main shopping district.

Located right at the very end of the street atop Karlsplatz Stachus station, Obletter Spielwaren is the largest toy store in town and while the ground level is full of boring stuff for kids, the basement is where the good stuff’s at. I often have had to pry myself away from this store in order to keep my wallet (and finances) intact!

If you’re one of us, I’m pretty sure there will be something here to tempt you of your hard-earned euros. Considering I never did take many pictures on my previous visit, (and how few photos there are of this place on the internets) I figured I’d grab more shots this time to share.

It’s not just cars here but rows upon rows of anything on wheels. Model trains seem to be a pretty serious hobby here and while these cars did originate from the world of model train dioramas, the level of detail on these tiny 1:87 scale cars is simply lovely. Yes, it is difficult to choose if you can only pick one to bring home.

They even come as R/Cs! Not cheap though! But surely a barrel of laughs if you have a beautifully crafted diorama landscape to potter around in. The Schucos below are in the more popular 1:64 scale and I’ve been guilty of picking up one or two on my previous visits, they do represent pretty good value in my opinion on a price : satisfaction ratio.

I was quite tempted by the 356 and 300SL Gullwing. The 2002? Already bought one! Much cheaper to get them here than back home for sure!

More Schucos but in 1:87 scale once again.

Even more 1:87s, this time from Herpa. Love the detail on those trucks.

If you’re still sceptical about the tiny 1:87s, here’s a close-up shot of a beautiful Alpina B3. Check out the Alpina stripes and wheels! Yes, this is a 1:87 scale model and yes, I was very very tempted to pick one up. But considering I do not have any cars in 1:87 yet, I really didn’t want to fall into another rabbit hole.

Other than tiny 1:87 and 1:64s, there are also plenty of model kits to choose from. Not quite as bountiful as what we’d find in Akihabara but still a pretty sizeable collection I reckon. Prices are fair but again, more expensive than what one would find over in Tokyo.

Whilst 1:18s don’t seem to be very popular here, Obletter also does have a decent selection on offer with plenty of Solidos to choose from. It seems Solido have also fixed the error they made on the Alfetta GTV6 cars too! Earlier iterations had 6-lug front wheels, it is now back to the correct 5-lug.

Again, I was extremely tempted to pick up the Alfa, I always wanted an Alfetta in my collection but the lack of detailing on these more toy-like Solidos held me back and in the end, I decided against it. Do I regret that decision? Considering Solidos can’t be found in Singapore, I do regret it a little. Maybe another time perhaps.

And speaking of being tempted, another piece that was close to making me open up my wallet was the RSR. A kit I eyed on my previous visit and once again trying to entice me to bring it home. The price seemed quite fair too.

RSR vs GR Yaris? Which would you pick?

As for myself, I once again had to drag myself out of the store. Will power wins again!

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