An Auto-Otaku in Munich 2022: Studio Odeonsplatz by Mercedes-Benz and the Vision EQXX

What’s sleek, filled with bleeding-edge automotive tech, can’t be bought and just covered 1,202 kilometres on a single charge? If your answer’s not the Benz EQXX, you’re wrong.

First unveiled earlier this year, the engineers at Mercedes-Benz reckoned their (already record-breaking) initial 1,007-kilometre test drive could have gone considerably further so just a week ago, they did just that, travelling from Germany to the UK on a single charge and besting their earlier record by almost 200 kilometres, even with the air conditioner running for about eight hours of their 14.5-hour drive.

Both journies also involved real-world traffic conditions, with the latest trip providing additional challenges of high temperatures of up to 30C in stop-and-go motorway traffic around the M25 at rush hour.

While the Vision EQXX still remains a highly technical concept vehicle, it does point the way forward for future innovations and tech that will eventually trickle down to mass-market EVs, because let’s face it, there really is no real need for anyone requiring a range of 1,200km in an EV, but knowing that such a feat can be achieved will do plenty to convince those sitting on the fence to at least dip a toe into the EV pool.

And speaking of which, the Vision EQXX was also why I’m here at the Mercedes-Benz Studio smack in the heart of Odeonsplatz, Munich, BMW’s home turf.

For those with barely any time to even head over to Motorworld, the Mercedes Benz Studio is a beautifully curated lifestyle space with a constantly rotating showcase providing a brief indulgence for this strange hobby of ours. I got lucky with the EQXX.

There’s even a cafe inside if you are in the mood for some caffeine, something I would have gladly partaken in if I didn’t already have a brunch reservation at the very lovely (and highly recommended) Cafe Luitpold just up the street, a beautiful cafe with the most amazing cakes in town.

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