An Auto-Otaku in Munich 2022: Visiting Motorworld München (again)

If you ever do find yourself with some spare time in Munich after visiting the BMW Welt, I’d highly recommend hopping onto a train towards Motorworld, it’s not that far away and for the auto-otakus in us, there’s always something to interesting to see.

Even though I was here not too long ago, I thought it’d be nice to pop over to have another look around since I was in town and since I wasn’t rushing for time, I figured I could take it slow this time and just have a casual look around along with some early morning coffee.

Cars & Coffee in the literal sense. It was rather quiet for a Saturday morning, I suspect it was because neighbouring Stuttgart was having a classic car show over the same weekend. Something I only just found out a day before, had I known earlier, I would have booked myself a high-speed train ticket over! Damn!

The classic car show was also probably a big reason why most of the car storage lots were empty. Still, not all was lost as there were still some lovely machines sitting pretty. I wish I could get nearer to that 250GT though.

Love the colour coordination.

964 Speedster. 1 of 936 built. Rare and beautiful.

Another lovely guards red Porsche, this time in 924 CGT guise. My favourite of the 924/944/968 cars.

This particular example doesn’t look like a show queen too. Love it. Spot the sexy 8C sitting atop?

Sexy rear ends, check out that Ferrari peeking out of the corner.

Don’t be fooled! Well, not entirely anyway. That dull layer on top of the body underneath the caked-on dust? That’s this car’s original delivery wax that was used to protect it during transportation, and yes, that’s the original protective wraps surrounding the bumpers. What will you do with a car in such a state? Leave it undriven, dirty and dusty as-is or clean it up, drive it and enjoy your time warp but risk losing all of its potential value?

While you ponder that conumdrum, here are some cars I’d happily take out for a drive, or two, or three. Which would you pick if you could only have one?

No prizes for guessing my pick of the litter. The 512BB is painfully gorgeous.

What a glorious racket it must make. Also, kudos for displaying this car with the rear cowl up. If I had one, that engine cover would be up the entire time I’m home, such a beautiful piece.

Something a little more modern but no less beautiful. The Mclaren Speedtail.

The last time I was here, Mclaren had a Senna GTR on display, but in terms of pure aesthetics, I think the Speedtail nails it hands down. Such a pure shape with little fussiness and in a great understated shade as well. When you car already looks like a spaceship, there really is no need to shout about it with bright loud (and obnoxious) colours.

Speaking of which…

The Senna GTR we saw previously might have moved on but there was still a “Standard” Senna on display. If a Senna could ever be described with such a term.

Once again, great choice of colours.

I think this is a 570s, albeit with numerous choice MSO parts added. Again, in a lovely non-shouty colour.

Whilst we’re on the topic of understated colours. Rolls Royce has a Black Badge showroom here so seeing that I was there, it wouldn’t hurt to just take a look around.

Drophead coupes are great looking don’t you think?

I think I can buy a house with these cars.

Not a very Rolls Royce-y colour but it sure looked good on this beautifully specced cabriolet.

Something that might be a little familiar to friends back home, a G-Wagen from our very own armed forces. Some say these belong to a batch of reserve vehicles that have rarely seen any action at all. Looks like SAF is making good money now with their old Landies and G’s.

I guess that is a IWC BIG Pilot?

Another car with delivery scribbles on it.

And the Elvis 507 at the BMW Studio.

It was interesting seeing this car with fresh insight into the restoration process from just a day before.

Just a casual 962 hanging around looking for a buyer. Got any change?

A little less expensive but no less interesting. The Morgan Two-Wheeler.

Must be fun (and downright frightening) driving this around town.

Looks like Mercedes have also set up shop here, but who wants to look at an SUV right? Probably more fun to head into the shops.

Which is where we’re going! Straight into a store called Paddock legends where you can pick up plenty of automotive-related souvenirs. Mainly Porsche and racing-related stuff but still… worth a look nonetheless.

Although there were many cool items on sale, they weren’t really suited for our warm, humid climate back home. Like those jackets.

I was hoping to grab a T-shirt or two but nothing really caught my eye.

Spot anything you like?

Admittedly, I was very tempted to grab another diecast (or two).

But, having already bought the Art Car from the Welt, I really didn’t have enough hands to carry them home. Otherwise, this BASF M1 would have been mine! Maybe next time.

So, at the end of the morning, I left Motorworld empty-handed but happy and on my way back to the station, came across this lovely row of trees once again. The last time I was here, this exact scene was bathed in warm autumn colours. Now it’s a sea of green. Hopefully, the next time I see this again, it’ll be in another season. If I ever return. Auf Wiedersehen Motorworld!

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