A cavalcade of cars. Classic cars morning.

It has been quite the weekend for automotive lovers, hasn’t it (but also, not without incidences)? A day right after our Cars & Kopi gathering, a fellow automotive enthusiast had another morning meet right after with a more focused showcase of old metal.

While this meetup brought out some of Singapore’s most interesting cars, the draw of seeing these classic and modern classic vehicles meant many owners of more modern machinery also popped by to have a look.

Since I just dropped by as a visitor this time, I had a much less hectic time and was able to just chill, enjoy the cars, talk to friends and take photos.

It’s really difficult to resist either of these lovely Italian lasses. The 575 is particularly beautiful and has aged really well over the years. Hard to believe it’s been 22 years since it was first unveiled.

On the topic of timeless Ferraris, how about the evergreen lines of the F355? 28 years on, still one of Maranello’s most visually arresting bodies.

This particular GTS with a painted Targa top wearing a set of lovely white Speedline shoes in true F355 Challenge tribute styling.

The older Ferraris definitely do have that extra dose of visual magic when it comes to their aesthetics. Of course, I wouldn’t say no to a 360 either.

Bringing the tempo down a notch is this fine lineup of Pagodas offset by a lovingly kept 356 1600 Super.

Made of pure unobtainium and simply lovely.

Speaking of unobtanium.

With prices of Fairlady/240Z’s skyrocketing across the globe, this Japanese classic has gone from being a realistic goal to becoming a mere pipe dream.

One of these or a classic 911? Choose one.

I really like the S30 but honestly, it is going to be difficult to resist the allure of a classic Porsche.

Very very difficult.

Or would you prefer a newer 911? Seen here in choice GT3RS spec.

Or does a GT3 Touring appeal to you more?

Funny how as a child I always lusted over a Ferrari or a Lamborghini but the older I get, the more I want a Zuffenhausen special.

These first-generation Z4s have also aged rather well, Chris Bangle’s best BMW? I sure think so. I’d love to own one someday if I can find a clean one. Can’t imagine where the dogs will go though.

No worries with doggo space in this 3-door Pajero, sitting on a beautiful set of customised OZs.

Nor with this W202 Estate, plenty of room for the furkids. If anyone from outside of Singapore is wondering why did I take a picture of this rather plain jane station wagon, it’s actually one of the rarest cars we have, very very few were actually sold here.

In fact, we probably have more of these vintage Land Rovers running around than that W202 Estate!

I really like looking at it but I cannot imagine driving this under our unforgiving sunny weather. It must be really punishing.

Hopefully, there’s air-conditioning in this one.

Singapore does have quite a sizeable Land Rover community don’t you think?

Also out with a good showing were a bevvy of Beetles and Buses!

Even a Thing showed up!

We might have even more vintage Beetles and Minis than we do the more modern R53 Cabriolet.

Rarity will also sometimes come with plenty of pain as I’m pretty sure the owner of any classic car (especially one with an Aston Martin Lagonda) will attest to. The only question is, is the pleasure worth it?

For some, it most definitely is.

For others, classic motoring joy doesn’t mean needing access to an unlimited bank account.

Smol but fun. Cheap and cheerful! The Fiat 126.

Moving on to something slightly less cheap but no less interesting is this lovely Toyota Century.

The choice of royalty, government officials and both legit and slightly less legit businessmen, it’s good to see one here. Another car I’d love to own in the future, along with a legit business empire of course.

Love the little details even if they do seem a little weathered. Adds to the charm perhaps?

For those who grew up in the 80s and 90s, this SW11 would have been quite a familiar sight. This particular unit was a local car rescued from scrapyard heaven and now running happily after a full rebuild.

And just before I headed off to grab some coffee is this recently imported Starion in full Mitsubishi works regalia.

Big thanks to Danny for the invite. I hope everyone who dropped by had fun and just a friendly reminder, do try to patronise the cafes in the area if you are there, it’s the only way for us as a community to give back for having such an awesome location for car meets.

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