A long time coming. Cars & Kopi Spring 2022.

Is it really happening? Are we really towards the tail end of the pandemic? While we really hope that is the case, what has definitely happened for us in Singapore is the relaxation of rules pertaining to casual meets and with limits of group sizes no longer a concern, it seemed like a good time to bring back Cars & Kopi after a 2-year hiatus!

With showers and thunderstorms forecasted, it seemed the morning might have been a wet, soggy affair but thankfully, the weather prediction continued its streak of getting things wrong and while it did rain earlier in the morning, the aforementioned thunderstorm did not materialise, allowing us to have a pretty sizeable turnout!

Unfortunately for me, in between handing out stickers and catching up with old friends, the sheer number of participants meant that I didn’t quite have enough time nor the willpower (having just got back to Singapore earlier in the week with little rest thereafter) to document all the cars that took the time to come down to support our little event.

To that end, I’d like to say a big “Thank you” to everyone once again for going down and if you didn’t manage to get a sticker, I apologize. I just didn’t imagine so many enthusiasts would show up!

Once again the sheer variety of cars has made this quite a lovely way to kick off a Sunday morning and I do hope it is something we can continue doing for many years to come.

Also, big thanks to everyone for keeping things sane (mostly)!

It was good to see that even after 2-years, the passion for cars has not been lost. In fact, it seems to have even gotten stronger.

Not something we see very often, a recently imported Mazda Cosmo. Known locally back in the day as a 929 Limited Coupe, while those that made it into Singapore had the more conventional Inline-4 powerplant, this particular car runs on a Turbo Dorito engine.

One of two in Singapore and the only one running regular daily plates. The lovely wedgy Lotus Eclat.

Another rarity on our local roads, the Abarth 124 Spider, supposedly one of two as well. The local agent for Fiat really dropped the ball by not bringing in ANY of the Abarth cars. A real pity.

Sometimes, seeing an old flame isn’t a bad thing. Happy to see the new owner is taking good care of her. She still sounds lovely.

A trio of Defenders, all different.

The beautiful ST185 GT4, both Carlos Sainz editions, one looking more rally-y than the other. A car I’d always love to drive in Gran Turismo.

More rally heroes but of a different generation.

But if grip driving is something you’d prefer, how about these FD2Rs? With Honda now going the turbocharged route, values of these final generation NA Type-Rs have risen rapidly. Like VTEC, except with money.

Big-time Red Bull fan here.

A beautiful 720S in JPS colours.

Have R129 prices already bottomed out? I hope not since I wouldn’t mind having one, but it does seem to be the case.

R107 prices though have definitely bottomed out some time ago. Should have picked one up when we could no?

Beautiful 115 Alfa as always. though I’m still partial to the more angular and stocky type 116 Alfetta GT/GTV.

Would I trade my 2002 for one though? Probably not. It was good to meet another 2002 owner, there are so few of us locally. Perhaps one day when mine is out, we can do a little gathering of 02s. This lovely unit is a Tii of the same vintage as mine (1974).

A Rolls Royce with Bentley wheels does give the old girl a slightly more “sporty” outlook. Not sure if that’s prim and proper to the anoraks though. At least the wheels are period correct!

Something a little offbeat? An Audi R8 wrapped in what looks to be satin pink.

Keen to see something even more unusual? A pair of rambunctious VW Buggys!

And signing off, here’s Miko the Miata because sometimes MIATA.

Thanks again for reading! Let’s hope things continue to improve and we can see each other again in due time. It’s now time for me to catch some shuteye, I’m exhausted. Stay safe everyone!


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