An Auto-Otaku in Munich 2021: From Munchen with 💖, random city sights

Now that I’ve finally compiled my Bavarian drives of the sublime BMW M240i xDrive Coupe and excellent M440i xDrive Gran Coupe, as well as my educational visits to the Munich Motorworld, the BMW Welt, the BMW Museum, the Porsche Museum and the Mercedes-Benz Museum, in addition to my side trips to BMW Group Classic, the rather ornate yet historical significant Residenz, the tragically sombre memorial grounds of Dachau and the beautiful streets of Esslingen. It’s now time to hit the cutting room floor to present to you some automotive spots and random sights from the city of Munchen.

One of the first few cars of interest I spotted when I first arrived in Marienplatz had to be a 944. This one looked to be in pretty good health as it should be.

We might not be in Stuttgart, but there are still plenty of Porsches around.

Not in the best spec nor the best shape but somehow, it still feels interesting when something that will be so prized locally back home is treated as just a means of transport with little care for the aesthetics. Sort of like how so many AE86s and R32 sedans looked in Japan back in the late 90s and early 2000s.

This might just be in between a couple of residential blocks but seeing this on my first day in the country after a long period of non-travel, I couldn’t help but smile.

The so very elegant, uncluttered and effortlessly beautiful lines of the 456GT. One of modern Ferrari’s best lookers. If you disagree, you are wrong. This one even sported a gated manual shifter.

Unlike my previous visits to Tokyo, most of the cars I see in Munich are rarely modified. TÜV and vehicle regulations must be a tough bitch.

Just like Tokyo though, there were a tonne of G-Wagens rolling around.

I was getting strange looks when taking pictures of this Renault Twizzy. I guess what’s interesting to me is probably mundane to them. Can’t imagine this working in sunny Singapore though, the occupants will bake!

Another mundane yet interesting to me car, the Smart Forfour. Like a Renault Twingo (also cool), but more premium. I think it looks nice.

My first sighting of the iD3. I don’t hate it.

A lovely air-cooled 911 and a line of cream-coloured German taxis.

Another lovely air-cooled 911 and a line of cream-coloured German taxis. Don’t you love it?

They didn’t have anything that fit (my budget).

I used to think cars were an expensive hobby.

And then I saw it… my ultimate dream in automotive form. The Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing. Just casually parked along the street. It was a magnificent sight and I won’t be ashamed to admit that I spent way too much time ogling at this marvellous machine, seeing it on the street under the soft sunlight made it even better.

Whilst the Ferrari 456GT might have been one of Ferrari’s most visually appealing cars, I’d wager that the 300SL Gullwing is one of, if not the, most beautiful cars ever crafted. It is quite simply breathtaking and a sight to behold. One for the memories.

Perfection from every angle.

I do wonder given the current situation (and those plates) if it has been seized.

Another Porsche! Strangely, there were also quite a number of Fiat and Abarth 500s. The Abarths are probably the best sounding little hatchbacks around, I think the local Fiat distributor really missed out when they decided not to bring them into Singapore. It would definitely have given Mini a run for their money. Given a choice, I’d gladly take an Abarth over a Cooper S.

It’s not all about cars, of course, having a hot cup of coffee first thing on a cold winter’s morning is an amazing way to start the day. If you’re ever in the vicinity of the Victuals Market in Marienplatz, I’d recommend grabbing a cuppa at Kaffeerösterei Viktualienmarkt. They open early at 8 am, perfect for an early morning pick-me-up. I dropped by almost daily when I was staying around the area.

If you’re around the area for brunch or lunch though, I highly highly recommend checking out Caspar Plautz for their amazing potato dishes. It is insanely good and well worth waiting in line for. My regret was I only discovered them on the day I was to fly out.

Whilst I was initially sceptical, (how good can a plate of potatoes be right?), I was quickly proven wrong on my first bite and easily cleaned up my plate. No doubt, on my next visit to Munich, I will be back. Hopefully, soon.

I really love seeing dogs go pretty much everywhere. I wish that could happen in Singapore.

Ze Germans have quite the affection for meats. I didn’t see anything wrong, of course, and promptly bagged a few packs of sausages to bring home.

As it was almost time for Christmas, there were quite a few nice cards to pick up. Like this one with Rudolph chilling in the back of a cute little VW Type 2.

On my last evening, the city presented a lovely sunset for me to gaze at. Somehow this gives me Shinjuku vibes.

Until we meet again Munchen (hopefully, very soon). Thank you once again.

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