Project 2002: There she goes!

Quick update! With the (hopefully) last batch of parts delivered by way of a very useful electric Mini, there seems to have been a decent amount of progress made on the 02.

Enough for her to finally be lowered off the lift…

…before being sent off to the machining shop for a brand new frame rail to be welded on. There’s still quite a bit more work ahead but it’s good to see things moving along.

With a (I’m guessing brief) respite in ordering new parts, I managed to go about buying up small little bits and bobs for the project. Like this drip rail molding installation tool from Kooglewerks. USD$25 for the too, USD$50 for shipment. Sigh.

Also on order is Patina Handle’s cup holder solution for the 02. Perfect for those early morning coffee runs. Now…. Should I make an order for a set of fancy Cocomats? Hmmm…..

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