5 more spots for Car & Kopi

Knowing that plenty of cafes and bistros are peppered around our little island, it probably didn’t make much sense to leave you dear reader with just 5 places to enjoy your weekend morning post-drive refreshment. So here’s another 5. Guten Appetit.

6: Common Man Stan
Stanley St, Weekend hours 730am-630pm.

Opening hours: ★★★
Another early morning riser, with an opening time of 730am, Common Man Stan (an offshoot of Common Man Coffee Roasters up in Martin Road) is a great place to drop by if you really need to have an early start to your day.

Parking: ★
Parking shouldn’t be too much of an issue here with a number of street-side lots lined up outside the cafe. But I’ve been warned that the trees providing shade also provide cover for birds which might want to do a dirty number on your prized auto. With only a couple of lots that can be considered paintwork friendly, getting those particular lots might be a little tricky if you are not here early, hence the rather average score. As always, the usual street-side parking charges apply.

View: ★★☆☆
The view is pretty average here but you can really only get a nice look at your baby should you choose to grab an outdoor table. Indoor seats offer little to no line of sight to the outside which is a pity.

Ambience: ★★
With a full breakfast/brunch menu, Common Man Stan is a rather nice place to relax and spend some time in but prices are on the higher side and service charge will be added at the end. If only they offered window seats.

7: Kurasu
261 Waterloo St, #01-24, Weekend hours 830am-630pm.

Opening hours: ★★★
Hailing from the beautiful prefecture of Kyoto, Kurasu’s Singapore branch opens at 830am, a rather sweet in-between time late enough for one to arrive after a nice driving session and early enough to beat the weekend morning brunch crowd.

Parking: ★☆☆
Parking here isn’t the best nor is it the worst, while there are plenty of street-side lots, these get taken up very quickly even earlier than the cafe’s opening time. But there are more than enough spaces if you venture down into the basement, if a little dark and damp.

View: ☆☆☆☆
Unfortunately, we move from one cafe without not much of a view to one with totally no view at all. With the only window facing away from the main parking street, you’d do best finding your own entertainment here, we’d recommend a phone or maybe a mook perhaps?

Ambience: ★★
Even though Kurasu provides you with no way to ogle at your lovely automobile, they do have a fantastic redeemer in the form of their “Dirty Matcha”, a tasty matcha latte with a shot of espresso. Good enough to deserve a mention even with their lack of a view. While arriving early will pretty much guarantee you a seat in their lovely cafe, Kurasu will start to fill up with customers around 930-10am, but space here is decent so there is not as much pressure to leave as Glass Roaster Faber Hills and Arabica Arab Street.

593 Havelock Rd, Weekend hours 10am-10pm.

Opening hours: ★☆☆☆
What do you get when you cross a small JDM supermarket with an in-house cafe? You get EVERY, the closest thing in Singapore to what you might find in a Japanese Lawsons. Sadly though, operating hours are not very Lawsons-like with an opening time of 10am, which might be a little late for some.

Parking: ★★★
There are a good number of (free) lots right outside EVERY and snagging a spot shouldn’t be difficult if you arrive around their opening time, otherwise, you might have to find a street lot to park up. Be aware though the lots right outside EVERY might be a little tight so do take care when parking.

View: ☆☆
With some seats located next to the windows, you can get a decent look out from your table but it’s not an entirely clear line-of-sight with some barriers impeding the view out.

Ambience: ★★
There’s nothing really fancy here being an in-house cafeteria for the mini supermarket but the JDM delights are pretty decent and you can grab a ready-made egg-sando for brekkie just like in Japan. Prices here are extremely fair and there’s little pressure to leave after finishing your meal. I’d definitely visit more often if they’d only open earlier.

9: Da Dong Prawn Noodles
354 Joo Chiat Rd, Weekend hours 730am-1pm.

Opening hours: ★★★★
From a location that’s not exactly a cafe to one that’s is totally, not. This is probably not a place to visit if your idea of Kopi is only of the hipster/influencer kind, Da Dong Prawn Noodles is unabashedly a kopitiam and one that opens very early at 730am! There is a reason for this early opening time though as it will get really crowded as the morning wears on and waiting times for their delicious bowl (so much so I forgot to take a picture) of Big Prawn Noodles can get rather long, especially if you are hungry. So do arrive on time!

Parking: ★★★★
Parking here is extremely easy with a large opening parking area located just opposite the kopitiam, do choose your lots properly of course as there are plenty of big shady trees with stealthy bombers of the feathery kind. Usual parking charges apply.

View: ☆☆☆
Yea… Naw… There’s not much of a view here, even if you do pick a seat outside, your car will still be too far away to gently admire from a distance.

Ambience: ☆☆
It’s a kopitiam, so the usual kopitiam ambience applies. Eat, enjoy, go.

10: Simpang Bedok
Weekend hours 730am-onwards / 24hrs

Opening hours: ★★★★
For those residing in the East, Sinpang Bedok simply needs no introduction, a place where you can pretty much find something to at any time of the day or night. From the 24hour Prata joints to the rather popular Mee Pok stall which opens at 730am, if you are feeling a little hungry and you’re somewhere in the East, you can find something here.

Parking: ★★★☆☆
Depending on your time of arrival, parking here can be a real joy or a real pain, sure there are plenty of lots but the sheer popularity of this locale means plenty of cars will eventually find their way here and fill up the lots really quickly. So don’t say I didn’t warn you, get here early.

View: ★★☆☆
Again, this depends entirely on which establishment you choose to visit, if you managed to grab a choice parking spot, the Mee Pok stall and the Coffeeshops along the ends of the street offer pretty good views of the carpark.

Ambience: ★☆☆☆☆
Again, there is very little to no ambience here in the mornings and afternoons with little respite from the heat and way too many people looking for a table. Top tip, if you are keen for Mee Pok here, the Kopitiam right outside Giant Supermarket has a Mee Pok stall that you don’t have to wait for, is almost just as good and is a little cheaper. Simpang at night though does offer a little bit more of a chilled out atmosphere after the Sun has buggered off, but we’re not going into that since this is strictly a morning affair.

*Update* There is now a brand new Teochew Pao Fan stall located right next to Lau Lim Mee Pok which is in my opinion, a much better option, but only opens at 11am.

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