The Z is dead. Long live the Z!

11 Years (and counting), that’s how long the 370Z have been around. So much so it even became an internet meme for hanging around THAT long. (Enough for BMW to release 2-Generations of the 3-Series). So it’s not secret that people have been waiting for a new Z for a really long time. And, it’s finally here! Well, not in production form anyway, this ladies and gents, is the Nissan Z Proto. We figure it’s pretty close to what will eventually appear in the showrooms next year so do you like it?

Personally, I’m not really feeling that pearlescent yellow but otherwise, I think it’s a pretty decent progression from the Z’s of old with styling cues taken off various generations of the car. The sides still seem visually heavy but perhaps that impression might change when seeing it for real reals.

Power figures point to a heady 400BHP from a Twin-Turbo 3.0L V-6, which saddens us because we were hoping for a more compact powerplant due to our horrible engine-capacity based taxes but with a 6-speed manual available right off the bat, it should provide some interesting competition with the Supra (Which DOES come with a 2-litre turbo).

Let’s hope it doesn’t get priced up the stratosphere once it’s out.

Oh yes, let’s see how it’ll look in different shades.

Or maybe with a slight drop and some BBS Dura wheels?

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