Nostalgic 2 Days 2020 – Import 浪漫

With such a lovely assortment of cars on show at the Nostalgic 2 Days show, there is no way we’d overlook some beautiful Euros on display. This may be Japan but the appreciation for import autos run deep, very deep. So let’s start with the heaviest hitter of all. The Ford GT40 Mark II.


It might look quite similar to the Mark I, but the second iteration of the GT40 is considered by many to be the most beautiful of the GT40 variants, this Mark II was not a replica, it was the real deal.


While the Mark II’s chassis was similar to the British-built Mk.I, several parts of the car had to be redesigned and modified by Shelby to accommodate the larger and heavier 427 (7-litre) engine from the Ford Galaxie. The Mark IIs were not only beautiful to look at, they were also the generation that showed Ferrari who was boss back in 1966 (and also in the theatres in 2019). Roll the tape!

The Mark IIs dominated Le Mans, beating Ferrari to finish 1-2-3 and going on to win the race for the next 3 years. This here’s automotive royalty. I cannot even begin to fathom how much it’s worth.


Yes. They started her up and enveloped the entire venue with her loud angry V8.



Inside, there are no creature comforts. It’s all business. Who needs cupholders anyway!?!


Next to the exquisite GT40 was a stunning 308 Group 4 rally car. Again, a real purpose-built racer. Not just a tuner’s aesthetic exercise.



While I do admit Ferrari 308s are beautiful streetcars, there’s no denying the allure of a focus built vehicle.



I think I need one of these in my life as well.




HRRRRNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you were wondering, they both belong to the same owner. That guy with the road-legal Porsche 962. Yes, that one.


Moving on, the people that brought along those two insane race cars also had a third car in their lineup, a hugely desirable Mercedes-Benz 190E Cosworth Evolution II. Or at least that’s what I thought.



According to Dino from Speedhunters, this 190E isn’t a true-blue 1-of-500 built EVO 2s, but an extremely well-done replica. I don’t have any more details on this car but hopefully, Speedhunters will have a feature soon!



It looks like the real deal though. Perhaps, even better than the real deal, especially with those trick centre-lock wheels.


Since we’re on the topic of hopped-up Benzes, how about one of these? An AMG 560 SEC from the days before AMG was bought over by Mercedes-Benz.




With big flared arches and an AMG tweaked 6-litre under the bonnet, this was quite possibly THE meanest and baddest Mercedes you could have back in the late 80s. How much torque? 556Nm.


For the school run, how about a W124TE instead?



But if understated power is more your ‘thang. How about this? An XJ6 Series II Jaaaaaag. The only thing loud is probably the wheels…


…or maybe the colour…


…or maybe… That 2JZ-GTE perfectly shoehorned into the engine bay!?!


And since we’re onto engine transplants, here’s a Lancia Stratos which might look like an actual racer but was in fact, a replica running with an Alfa Romeo V6. I’m pretty sure she sings.


Of course, not all imports on show were fire-breathing monsters as there were plenty of “chill” cars sitting in the same hall.



An interesting and attractive combination of Hayashi wheels on a Volvo P1800. Price-tag on that Volvo, a little less attractive.



Something for those of you who prefer a less urban old-car lifestyle.


Tein brought along an Ur-Quattro to showcase their suspension offerings for old sports cars. Pretty awesome to have aftermarket support for classics.


At Nostalgic 2 Days, even a standard non-GTi Golf Mark 1 had a chance to shine. This one was in great condition though.


While there were still plenty of cars to ogle at and drool over, my auto-otaku-ing pass in Yokohama was up and it was time to head back into Central Tokyo for shopping. With that, I’ll leave you with this rather special Esprit. A limited-edition S2 Lotus Esprit commemorating Mario Andretti winning the 1978 Formula 1 Constructor and Driver championships.



Finished in the black and gold colours of their Jack Player Special sponsors, these cars were unfortunately not called JPS Esprits as they were no longer sponsors of the team by the time these cars were ready for sale. Unofficially, they have become known as the “JPS” Esprits but their official name is the “World Championship Commemorative Model”. As seen on their rear upper quarter panel and side-decals.



In total, 3 groups of these cars were built, 99 for the American market, 56 for the UK and another 30 for the rest of the World. All cars were individually numbered and as you can see, this was number 21 of the 30 “Rest of the World” cars.



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