Chasing classic haze

Waking up early on weekends isn’t something most people do. Which is also why for those of us who enjoy driving, it is the only time for us to put on our fancy driving shoes, take the dusty covers off our cars and get stuck into our favourite tunes as we potter around what limited roads Singapore has to offer. This is for those who enjoy the thrill of the machine. This is our Sunday morning drive.


With the F1 circus in town, it only seemed logical to slot in a morning drive, but with the onset of some rather heavy smog from forest fires in our neighbouring countries, the dusty morning air carried a bitter aftertaste.


This of course meant driving with the A/C turned fully on but a small crew of brave drivers decided to take on the hazy air with their roofs down and windows turned down.


This small crew of drivers also brought with them a small selection of interesting machines, like this Opel Manta. The one and only remaining Manta in Singapore. Also known as the German equivalent of the Silvia/200SX.


The elegant pillerless W123 Coupe parked alongside had a very clean and lovely interior.



Probably the first time a Lotus is “too much car”.


Our short drive took us through some familiar Singapore roads and while it might have been brief, it provided us with a simple refresher on why we love driving our machines.


With the weekend traffic slowly building up, it was time for us to part ways. Some heading back to their families, others continuing their day with a tasty breakfast. Me? It was time to head home for another outing. Bringing all my pups out.


Until next time, keep driving tastefully.

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