Accessing Joy: Day 30(ish)

With my single month’s worth of BMW Access now ended, it was time to hand the ever reliable and useful X1 back to its handlers. The car performed exceptionally well as a daily driver, allowing me to commute everywhere with ease and haul cargo without any worries.

Coming from owning series of cars that are not quite “daily driver” material, having the X1 around was a refreshing breath of fresh motoring air. Here was a car that could haul anything and had laughed in the face of those menacing carpark speed bumps!

In all, over the course of the month, I put in around a good 1,500 kilometres into the X1 and honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately, my free access to Access was over and it was time to send her back.

Through the Access by BMW online platform, I set about cancelling my subscription to the service and arranged a time for the car to be collected. In all, this process was rather easy and took me a little under 5 minutes on my mobile phone, in bed.

With the date set, I gave the X1 a full tank of gas and let it take the rest of the day off. You can choose not to top up the petrol if you prefer and the car’s handlers will top it up for you with no extra fees other than the cost of fuel.

My collection day was set for an early Saturday morning as I had a couple of errands to run. With the car all prepped for collection, I waited for the handlers to arrive. When it was collection time, nobody came. So I waiting a while longer, still nobody. With time now no longer on my side, I had to make a personal call to the car’s handlers to get the car picked up without a proper handover. Turns out, the ones that were supposed to pick the car up were not informed of the fact. It wasn’t a huge issue though as our car was parked in a secure location but I’m guessing for those with cars parked in a public space, it might have been an issue. In spite of this small hiccup at the end of my one month’s trial, it was an overall very positive experience and come to think of it, with that small miscommunication, perhaps I could have kept the car for an extra day or two?

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