Cars & Wedding: Congratulations Nat & Chris!

Over the weekend, one of our automotive friends got married and I guess turning the Church carpark into a mini Cars & Kopi meet was a fun way to get the day started!

Everyone came in their rockabilly best. (Or best-ish)

Have you seen a better looking Wedding Car?

This group represents quite possibly all the 1st generation Celicas left on our sunny island. (All the originally registered ones anyway)

A slightly more contemporary Celica. The Celica Supra.

The weather was hot and sunny, perfect for a gathering of vintage autos.

I guess that is what some people call, a JDM sandwich.

A fellow JDM friend helping out with traffic duty.

Fellow JDM friend’s Japanese Nostalgic Car.

Apparently, he’s pretty good at wolfing down quad-patty burgers.

Air-cooled meets Kujira.

Skyline meets E10.

Looking at these old cars parked together really show how distinctively different they are in design. Unlike modern cars which due to various restrictions, now tend to look rather similar.

Sweet rides.

New-old car or old-old car?

Even the wedding cake was on theme!

Well decorated!

To the happy couple, thank you for letting us share your joy! Enjoy your Honey-MQQN!

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