Accessing Joy

At the unveiling of the new BMW 7 Series in Singapore, BMW Group Asia also had another product waiting in their wings for its official launch. Access by BMW from BMW Financial Services Singapore and Sime Darby Services. A new automotive subscription service that grants members access to a fleet of BMWs delivered right to their doorstep.

This monthly subscription service will also allow members the flexibility to switch their vehicles on a monthly basis based on their needs. With more and more young customers switching to a subscription-based lifestyle, BMW’s foray into such a service locally might just work with a new generation of ownership-adverse clients who value the benefits of a mobile lifestyle without the hassles of actual vehicle ownership.

For more information about this service, do stay tuned in as yours truly was randomly picked to enjoy a month’s worth of access to Access.

To learn more about this new service, do visit or contact Sime Darby Services Private Limited at +65 6431 0595.

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