Drive to meet, meet to drive.

Why do people drive? Well, for most, I guess they see it as a way of getting around from point A to point B. For a few of us though, it isn’t just a means of transport. For those few of us, driving brings us joy and anxiety, fascination and frustration, excitement and relaxation.

These reasons were why small groups of like-minded people pulled themselves out of bed on the morning of a lovely weekend morning to traverse the little island of Singapore in their not so modern machines.

Unlike most other countries (almost every other country), due to our rather minute geographical footprint, we do not have the luxury of getting out of the City on country road drives, which is why it is only during these small pocket of times when the roads are relatively free from daily traffic where we can enjoy motoring on our local roads and “drive tastefully” before stopping for a quick breakfast.

Our short tour took us across parts of our island usually populated by heavy vehicles but with this being a public holiday, blessed us with crisp morning air in place of diesel fumes.

Stopping to regroup, we came across another group of like-minded drivers in their lovely vintage autos.

So, why do people like us drive? Well, we don’t drive just to get from point A to point B, we drive because for us, the journey is part of the adventure, we drive because driving is an emotion, not an action.

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