Thoughts for the quarter

Chances are, if you’ve been kind enough to follow my little blog, you would have noticed my updates have been getting slower and fewer in between and for that, I’d like to apologise. So what has been happening for the past few months on my end? Well, after a rather tumultuous year of 2018 where things just didn’t seem to go right until the tail end of the year, I managed to start a new job overseeing UX/UI design in the local automotive industry and have also devoted myself to spending more time with my 3 pups. Which I guess is something that has made me a happier person overall but at the same time, unfortunately, has meant fewer updates for this blog. Also, a quick shout out to Dear Mutt, our little Pup hotel.


Moving forward, I’d really like to increase the frequency of my updates but a recent development I heard through a friend was that my goodwill with the local BMW dealership has expired with me having work tied to other (non-rival) automotive brands. This, of course, was a rather sad thing to hear (especially having to find out from a third party after said dealership totally ghosted all your emails), but I guess all good things must come to an end and I am still very happy to have had this very rare opportunity and blessing to have driven more BMWs than any average person should have the right to.

It was a great run and I’d like to thank everyone that made it happen. Almost 12 years worth of driving the latest UDMs from Munich was a blast and has brought to me places I could only dream of. On a related note, my relationship with BMW Asia is still good so hopefully, there will be more BMW content to come in future. I’m also enjoying my new role at work so all’s good. Just don’t expect test drives of the latest BMWs anytime soon (which also means we won’t be getting any local drives of the new 3er to conclude our previous preview drive in Malaysia).


I did wish this gig would have ended with the new Z4, which was the car that kick-started everything for me way back in 2007. Beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

So, what am I planning for the future of this blog? Well, besides the usual Cars & Kopi meets, I thought it’d be rather poetic to go back to what started me off writing more than 10 years ago (and something that has been on the back-burner for the longest time). 1:18 cars and the quirky stuff my friends drive. If lady luck is on my side, I’d love to do a GarageLife-esque writeup one day. Fingers crossed! Did you know the first blog I started back in 2005 was about 1:18 diecast cars? It was called, here’s a web snapshot from 2007. I’ve since sold off most of my collection and have only kept a handful.



Oh yes, I have also reprinted a set of Cars & Kopi vinyl stickers. Again, these are very limited so do hit me up if you’d like to have one. They are about 6cm in diameter and are going for $2 a piece, local mail included. Shoot me an email at to grab a piece or two.

Update: All stickers have been spoken for, thanks for the support!

I do have some interesting stuff (I think) lined up so do stay with me. Thanks for reading!

PS: Can anyone hook me up with the new Toyota Supra or Alpine A110?

2 thoughts on “Thoughts for the quarter

  1. Hey Louis, sad to hear the news about the partnership between u and PML!! Nevertheless I wish u all the best between u and BMW Asia!!!
    Definitely will support u with the Cars & Kopi Decal!!! Would love to get 2!
    I’m also from the local RX-8 club and we would love to grace the Cars & Kopi meet at Dempsey whenever it happens!

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