It’s a d8te! Cars & Kopi Spring 2019

When it comes to how we perceive time, humans can estimate the length of an event from two very different perspectives: a prospective vantage, while an event is still occurring, or a retrospective one, after it has ended.

Our experiences of time can also vary with whatever we are doing and how we feel about it. Which is why time does seem to fly by when we are having fun and perhaps, that could be a reason why (to me at least), 5 years of Cars & Kopi meets have shot by in a blink of an eye. Yes, it’s been 5 years since we’ve first gave the name of our little car meet a name with some local flavour. We’ve had our ups and downs but oh my how it has grown. I do hope people are continuing to enjoy themselves with what our limited local automotive scene can provide.

For our unofficial 5th anniversary, I personally created some vinyl stickers to give out and I’m happy to report that they were pretty well received. So much so I am going to have to make another trip to the printers for a second print run.

We also managed to get our friends over at BMW Asia to rope in the boys from Performance Munich Auto to bring along and showcase BMW’s latest darling, the 8 series (in M850i guise) with an X4M40i playing chaperone. Thank you!

Like many others, it was also my first time seeing the 8 under the sun, away from the show-floor, and yes, she’s quite a looker. Clearly overshadowing our jalopy. Hopefully one day, we’d be able to have a go behind the wheel of this V8 beauty.

The most BMW of all current BMWs (and in my opinion, the best BMW on sale today), the M2 Competition, also popped by early in what was to become a surprisingly strong crew of BMWs.

Mini John Cooper Works GP2. Limited edition, 1 of 2000 made.

A Cars & Kopi regular with nothing regular about his car. A beautiful Z4 M Coupe equipped with a lovely set of BBS LM-R wheels. Stunning car. With the new BMW-Z4 based Supra about to hit the roads soon, it makes one wonder if BMW will ever bother with creating another hardtop Z4.

Spot the odd one out? Seems like the local Jaaaaaag~ dealership heard about our little meet and have brought along their i-Pace!

This sneaky cat definitely wasn’t boring though.

Lovely Alpina also managed to drop by.

Ebony and Ivory?

First generation 1 Series Coupes still look good to me. So much in fact I was seriously contemplating getting one a couple of months back but just couldn’t find the right car.

The usual Air-cooled group were unfortunately not around this time, but a lone 930 Targa did make an appearance.

Porsche’s stuttgart neighbours.

Coincidently on this very morning, we heard Singapore’s first AMG “Beast of the Green Hell” GTR was about to be delivered to a very lucky customer.

One of the rarest Aventadors in Singapore…

…It’s not wrapped.

Over at the other end of the pay-scale, we have a Toyota Sera that while not quite as exotic as the Italian bull, shares something with one of the greatest (and some say the greatest) car ever built, the Mclaren F1. Those doors. And yes, Toyota created those doors first. This Sera was my car of the day for sure.

Another Toyota showing you don’t need a massive bank balance to have some automotive fun. Bonus points for those Enkei mesh wheels.

A Bentley Continental GT in the same space as a Toyota Starlet. Only at Cars & Kopi.

A slightly more vintage British machine.

Sleeper sedans. Which would you pick? R34 GTT Sedan or C32 AMG?

Sadly, the car wasn’t free.

w201s seem to be more favoured over W124s as the years go by.

GT3, meet GTR.

Choose your off-road weapon.

Beautiful TME tribute.

FR JDM contingent.

Speaking of FR. 86s are starting to hit 35 years of age. Time to start saving up.

Cars back then had much more interesting illumination designs.

The one and only Legacy RS Turbo left on our local shores.

A more modern interpretation of Subaru power, sitting next to yet another young-timer BMW. This time an E32 7er.

Period correct!

I am personally rather surprised at how many of these are still running around in Singapore, they were the least loved of their era but at least in our local context, they have outlasted all the other Japanese sports cars of their generation.

Another auto I once trawled the classifieds for, the Renaultsport Clio 197. A little pocket rocket.

Which is something you cannot really associate with the latest Civic Type-Rs of course.

Beautiful Mini Traveller looked like great fun to drive.

Oh Hi!

Rounding off our recap, since the Kenmeri was out with the Celica, we shuffled both cars away for a small photo session.

Until our next one, here’s wishing everyone a safe and memorable 2019!

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