The little details: Alpine A110 preview

The actual car for our local market might not have arrived yet but for those of us fixated with the newly launched Alpine A110, we were treated to a sneak peak of the car over the Singapore Motorshow held about a month back.


We’ve seen the reviews, read the articles and finally, we were able to gaze upon this little blue number with our very own eyes and feel its curves with our bare hands. She’s a stunner for sure.


What those youtube videos and magazine write-ups don’t really show though, are all the little details penned around the A110’s beautiful throwback design and how compact this sports-car really is.






Too much? Or just right? I guess it’s a matter of self preference. I personally love all the little call outs.


Lovely wheels but I reckon the 4-spoke shoes that come with the Légende edition look a lot better.



Inside, the little Alpine call-outs remain and though it might be a tad snug for some, I really quite like it and it has just enough design touches to make it feel special enough.


Yes, this is a nice place to be. One day… Oh yes… You will be mine…



Even the floor-mats have little Alpine emblems.


Of course, not forgetting the tiny boot.

Will we ever get any wheel time in this car? One can dream.

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