Admittedly, this is a post that should have been done up a couple of months ago but with a backlog of things to do, I just kept putting it on the back-burner. Not entirely a bad thing i guess since it’s a post about a Paint Protection System for the XC40.


Yes, the Blonde Swede was brought into Revol two months ago to receive her Ceramic Coating and while it’s always cool to see a car all shiny and glossy on the day of collection, the true test of a PPS comes later, after the initial shine gets rained on, shat on, and baked under our hot sunny skies.


Two months on and a number of car washes later, I’m happy to report she’s still beaming with a fantastic coat of gloss but more importantly, the water beading effect on the bodywork is still going strong. I wish I could show you all how shiny the paint is, but somehow white just doesn’t show off its shine very well in photographs. At least, not as well as darker shades i guess.


Once again, big thanks to everyone at Revol for taking care of our cars. Maybe next time, Daytona Violet on the E34? (Once I’ve saved up enough money of course.)


For all Volvo XC40 owners out there, we’ve also managed to convince the kind folk over at Revol to come up with a package just for you, here’s the rundown:

ZeTough Ceramic coating will be S$798 after 10% discount for all Volvo XC40(s). This includes the following:

– Paintwork correction/restoration
– ZeTough Ceramic PPS coating
– Engine compartment cleaning
– Rims polishing and cleaning
– Leather seats cleaning and conditioning
– Door shuts detailing
– Headlamp coating
– All window glass hydrophobic coating

The ZeTough Ceramic PPS protection system is a permanent coating when cured fully bonds onto the car’s surface on a molecular level which cannot be removed easily.

Providing a highly resistant protective shield against watermarks, bird-dropping stains, acidic elements and oxidation from UV rays.

This coating also forms a tough scratch resistant shield with an extremely hydrophobic self-cleaning surface. Providing an extremely tough paint protection with a long lasting shine. A 3 year warranty with a conditional extension up to 5 years is guaranteed.

* No, this is not a sponsored post *

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