F l a g g a !

Because modding is fun! And also because this flag was one of the little design details that i think really gave the car an extra bit of character. Which was why it was such a shame that these were only available for the first 5,000 cars built, including the press and demo cars. Which meant that the majority of actual buyers missed out! Until now.

Strangely getting hold of these flags isn’t as easy as going to the dealership to order one, you see, Volvo only just started selling these to the general public recently and for some reason have chosen to not sell them individually, if you wanted one, you’re gonna have to buy a pack of a hundred flags. Yes, a hundred. As you can imagine, this made it slightly inconvenient for most owners.

Luckily for us, an online store in Netherlands was willing to make the bulk purchase and have started selling them individually to everyone. You might need a bit of Google translate to navigate through the site, but it’s legit.

How do i know it’s legit? Because here’s mine. A week after placing the order.

It even came with its own instruction manual. (Very Ikea of them)

With the car given a nice bathe, it was time to pop the hood and make some simple measurements.

Easy peasy.

Hood is down, flag goes to town!

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