Introducing De Blond Svensk

It’s been a good two-ish years with the Super cool black 1 series cabriolet and with it’s lifespan on our local roads reaching an end due to our unfortunate tax regime, it was time to let her go.

In truth, we’ve been randomly looking at cars on and off for the past few months but nothing have really caught our attention. V40s, X1s, the new 1 Series hatchbacks. They all seemed somewhat ho-hum and didn’t feel interesting enough for us to make the switch.

Until one day, we came across… another BMW 120i Cabriolet! It had a slightly longer roadworthy title, was priced somewhat decently and we could pretty much transfer all our goodies from the old car over. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be as the dealer was super adamant on his selling price and wouldn’t even give us a decent discount just for the heck of it. So, with no deal made, we moved on and with some time on our hands, we found ourselves standing inside the local Volvo dealership. The plan was to check out the V40 Cross Country because we were eyeballing a couple of them on the classifieds, unfortunately we didn’t even make it to the V40 Cross Country because the folks at the dealership had the good gumption of parking their latest XC40 out front and dang, it sure looks a lot better in the metal than in the pictures. I think you can see where that last minute excursion to Volvo led us. Why did we go for an XC40 over all other cars in this segment and price rnage? That’s probably another story for another time.

Anyway, fast forward a couple of months, it was time to hand over the keys for our 120i Cabriolet to the dealership.

Not before getting a few shots in with our super cool little black dog of course! That’s Momo!

As usual, the weather was not in our favour as we picked up the XC40. It seriously poured buckets as we were headed home.

We had to say goodbye to our doggo stickers too as we didn’t have the time to get another set from Tokyo on our last visit. I still miss Chiro dearly.

Being a first shipment car, we had a pretty good choice of colours to go for. I would have gone for the showcase Tiffany combo but white came a pretty close second. In the end, it was the “safe” choice. Those 18″ wheels were iffy though. Just for reference, the test car that we saw, was a pretty sweetly spec-ed up Tiffany blue Momentum with the full works, running on 19s. Guess how much the local dealer wants for those wheels? You sitting down yet? A cool S$9,000. For 19s. I could get a custom set of HREs made for that money. Goodness gracious.

Many have questioned the choice of interior shades but blonde leather was the only option that would give you the cream door inserts. All other interior colours would default to black fabric. Cream also looked sweet and gave the interior a very light ambience.

With the neighbour’s Suzuki Hustler. Love that little Kei car.

Remember those iffy 18s? They HAD to go! Interestingly, i actually found a set of lovely ERST Japan wheels in a local wheel shop and had the shop put them on hold for me. For those who do not know what or who ERST is, their full name is “Evolve Rieger Style Tuning”. Yes, yes i know. It’s a mouthful and it doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Anyway, they are a pretty well known Volvo tuner from Japan and they have built up some really sweet swedes. Ideally i would have chosen another design from their range of wheels but these VS5 wheels were what the local shop had and were priced really well. Lower than their native MSRP and I was pretty sure they will look pretty good on the XC40, so it was a no brainer.

Moment of truth. The shop also gave us what i felt was a really fair trade in offer on our barely run in wheels.

Testing our my new phone’s monochrome lens. I really think i’ve found a true casual camera alternative in this Huawei P20 Pro. It really takes some great pictures. On a related note, all the images in this post, are taken by the P20 Pro.

Ta-Dah! What do you think?

Really bumps up the feel of the exterior look don’t you think?

As for the XC40? With numerous awards and glowing reviews all over the internet, i don’t think you’ll need me to tell you how good it it. But, yes, it really is that good! Introducing, The Blonde Swede!

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