Tokyo Auto-Otaku 2018: Spring Spotting!

Once again we found ourselves back in Tokyo and once again, it’s not an automotive-centric trip. This time, we were (supposedly) here for vacation but since I’ve been visiting Japan on and off for the past couple of years, I played tour guide for our small group throughout most of the trip, and as it be, it wasn’t as restful a vacation as I’d hope for. More on that later, but even though it was quite taxing, I did get to visit new places and enjoy new experiences, so overall, it was all good.


Also, it’s always great to be back in Japan for any reason at all and since we’re in Tokyo (and Yokohama) for the first and last few days, my eyes and ears were set to long-range mode and my camera was locked and loaded.


While my automotive preferences currently tend to sway away from the usual exotic machinery, there’s no denying the allure of an F355’s wail as it pulled away, this was over in Yokohama. Vvvwaarrhhhhhhhaaaaa~~~


Always something interesting around the corner. Check out the rear pipes on that Gloria! Looks like it’s missing a front bumper too. Tough dori dori love?


Just a casual 911 Turbo Cabriolet parked up on a side street.


Back in Tokyo on a Sunday morning, there was nowhere else to go but Daikanyama.


Beautiful Series III Daimler Sovereign on period-correct wheels just driving by as I waited to cross the street. Gotta love Japan.


Over at T-Site, one of my favourite places in Tokyo, this was the scene that greeted me in the carpark. Take note, this was on a regular non-car meet weekend, and the only thing going on in the carpark was a farmers’ market.


How do you like your red cars prepared? Ferrari F355 or Suzuki Alto style? Love em both.


Not a fan of red cars? How about a gorgeous blue shade on this 360. These cars sure are getting better looking with age don’t you think?


X5M lurking behind.



Not something I see very often in Singapore with our heavily loaded car taxes, a V12 Jaaaaaag.


Just before I popped into Ivy’s for breakfast, I swung out front and saw (well, heard mostly) this pull in. The most awesome colour combo for a Testarossa ever! This was even running magnesium BBS LM wheels.


Perfection. Or so I thought… Until a quick glance across the road presented..,


THIS! Jaw dropped.


So so beautiful. Thank you, Japan! Time to head back in for breakfast…


But not without one more shot.


Freshly fuelled up on pancakes and coffee, I headed back to the parking area for another look. Remember me saying there’s always something interesting? Where the blue Ferrari 360 once stood, is now an AMG GTR.


And replacing the X5M is an Abarth 595.


Behind the AMG GTR? A G-wagen. I think I lost count how many G-wagens i saw in Tokyo, they were quite literally, e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. I really do think the Japanese rate “coolness” as a factor when buying their cars.


Loving the colour and spec.


Then this thing pulled in. Remember, this was on one regular Sunday morning with no car meets happening at all (that was for the week after).


Aston Martin DB2/4 Drophead. You’re doing it right Tokyo.


A nice duetto of Alfas side by side.


C4S as you will. Personally, I’d go for a Carrera 2, but to each his own.


Another G-wagen.


Ferrari 488 running a full SVR body. Oh, what’s that boxy thing behind the Fezza?


Aw, just one of those random multiple World Rally Championship winning homologation cars that’s all. I kid I kid, other than the Citroen DS, this was my other highlight for the morning. So much want.


First time seeing these little elephants. Don’t you wish manufacturers continued designing such awesome iconography? Now it’s all about “Look at me, I got angled pointy lights, I’m angry!”. Bring back the Heffalumps! Once I finished ogling at the Delta, it was time to start the day proper and leave Daikanyama.

From Tokyo, our travels took us to Kanazawa, Shirakawago, Takayama and Tateyama before we sped back to Tokyo on the Shinkansen for the last leg of the tour. Here are some interesting sights on my last couple of days in the Capital.


The OG Civic Type R. Fun fact, this vintage of the Type R was the first time i laid eyes on a Honda Type R, way back in 1998 in Osaka. Back then, I had zero idea what a Type-R was, but it looked cool and that memory stayed with me till today.


Not long after sighting the EK9, an FK2 went by the same direction.


A stunning Lexus LC pulling out of an apartment complex in Ginza. Great choice of colour!


For some strange reason, I have a thing for Toyota Crowns. There’s just something inherently cool about them. Or maybe it’s just a JDM thing.


Ginza Dragon. Nothing more JDM than an R32 GTR.


Over in Akihabara, an ER34 going by as I waiting to cross yet another street. I remember back in the 2000s, there were so many of these on the streets.


Still waiting at the same junction while another G-Wagen goes by. Maybe all the Skyline owners traded in for a G?


Still waiting for the lights to change. Japanese love them AMGs.


Still in Akiba, a little pocket rocket 206RC turning away. Nice OZ wheels.


Here’s something else you don’t see very often. A Toyota Crown Athlete lowered and running on BBS LMs.


It’s a taxi. For reals.


And to finish things off here’s yet another G-wagen. Please stay around for the trip report and me finally making it for T-site’s Morning Cruise Cars and Coffee meet!

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