Project 944: Time to say goodbye

It’s been a couple of months now, so i guess it’s time to announce that for those who didn’t know, Project944 has left the building. I’ve done what i could and with a final ECU remap after acquiring a link-up cable from Microtech Australia, she was running sweet as a peach with some fruity upshift pops and bangs when you’re really shuffling it through the gears.

It’s been an extremely wild ride and it was truly the most difficult and financially draining automotive project i’ve ever embarked upon. But she does look pretty don’t you think?

After all the pain, sweat, tears and wallet busting online orders. Did we accomplish what we set out to do? Well… not really…

So, let’s turn back the clock and refresh our memories. The initial goals? To rebuild, refresh and re-register this car back on our local roads within 6 months. To sell it on within the year, and to hopefully get some money back on top of what we spent. In short, we were hoping to do some wheeling and dealing.

Unfortunately, all our plans pretty much fell apart from the get-go and with the rebuild taking slightly over a year and following that, months and months of little troubleshooting issues up to the point of sale which happened after more than 2 years of ownership. Did we make any money? No. Did we lose a lot of money? Yes. Did we bring a car back from the dead (literally) and have her running on the roads once again? Yes we did. Which i guess, is the only silver lining to this story.

Will i embark on another project like this again? I really really don’t think so. But at the same time, i’m happy she’s giving driving joy to her new owner.

3 thoughts on “Project 944: Time to say goodbye

  1. Wow! Sad to hear that you’ve sold your 944TURBO. Still grateful that you saved it from the crusher.

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