Bimmermeet 2: The Youngtimers meet

While there were plenty of Old-timers scattered across Bimmermeet 2’s event space, there’s no denying that this meet, belonged to the Youngtimers.

So what exactly is a “Youngtimer” anyway? Generally speaking, there is no official definition for cars that come under this category, but as a rule of thumb, a Youngtimer is a car that’s between 20-30 years old. Youngtimers also attract those who grew up when these cars new on the road between the 80’s and 90’s, a big reason why there is such a resurgence in the popularity of such cars around the World.

In a country with no COE restrictions on ownership, you can expect a huge turnout of these retro mobiles. Many of them personalised to suit their owners’ taste.

Great looking Euro-spec E36 M3. You can’t beat a BMW sitting on BBS LMs.

Or do Alpina Softlines work better for you?

E36 Compact on BBS DTM wheels. I have never seen those wheels outside of Japan. Looks great on the Compact.

Those are some rather big wheels for the ’36. Looks rather tight. Hopefully the ride is still bearable.

Schnitzer built E36 racer is all business.

Very clean E36 Coupe sitting pretty on ACS wheels.

A rather curious looking E36 Coupe don’t you think? I think many people walked by without really realising that this car was wearing a very rare, valuable and oh so 90’s ACS CS kit.

Check out those fender flares.

ACS developed this kit back in the day because customers thought the factory E36 M cars looked way too tame compared with the E30 M3s. So ACS reintroduced the flares with their exterior styling kit. It wasn’t cheap.

Yet another Wide-bodied E36 Coupe. This one looked like it was a custom fabrication. Rather tough looking vibe.

Not letting the E36 get all the attention, there were also quite a number of E46s on show. Which generation of the 3 series do you prefer from this time period?

Stunning stanced E46 M3.

But of course, no other 3er of this time period can stand up against the ultimate evolution the E46. The M3 CSL.

If you were to ask me which generation of BMW encompassed the meet, it would have to be the E30s. There were just so many of them, in all shapes and colours. So i hope you’ll stay with me as we dive into the deep (E30) end of Bimmermeet2.

Let’s start with this. Looking like it came straight off the show floor of the Tokyo Auto Salon, this E30 was fully equipped with Pandem Rocket Bunny body parts and more!

I never thought i’d see something like this outside of Japan. On point!

Rotiform wheels were a perfect match with the purple paint.

Unlike the exterior, things were kept rather restrained on the inside.

This greenie was showcasing a selection of choice wheels.

I found this to be rather interesting. I have never seen a set of these out in the wild before. Only on the interwebs. How do they hunt for these things?

Another purple and gold winning colour combination. This time with an M-Tech I equipped Coupe sitting on a gorgeous set of BBS RS wheels, complete with gold hardware. Drool…

My man!

M-Tech II and M-Tech I sitting side by side. Red car in on a set of once again tasty BBS RS shoes while the blue car wears a set of Hartges.

Lovely Alpina styled Coupe. Without the proper badging, it’s hard to tell if this was the real deal. It does have quite a number of Alpina goodies on it.

This one though has its badging intact, but the owner has chosen to go without the decals. Did you know that back in the day, the majority of Alpinas ordered in Germany were specced without decals? This was done to prevent their expensive custom machines from getting stolen!

Another Rocket Bunny spotted in the open! This time in a more subdued hue.

It did have some rather interesting looking Hella lamp covers.

The blacked (greyed?) out ACS equipped car look rather interesting. Made me wonder if it was the real deal ACS S3 2.7 turbo.

Could very well be.

I was pretty sure THIS was the real deal though. Want to know how?

M-Tech I front with a curious looking side skirt. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was. The red car behind wearing the IS front lip looked great though.

One of the most iconic visual styles for the E30, a black M-Tech II car sitting on BBS RS wheels. I wish i had one just like this. Fabulous.

Another M-Tech II/BBS RS combo.

E30s bring people together! Chances are, if you asked a BMW-fan what car started him or her off on the marque, it’ll be an E30. (Outside of Singapore at least)

One of the few sedans we spotted.

Great looking Alpina, not too sure on the bra though. I think bras only look good on women.

You don’t need big power to have fun as this 316 shows.

What did i say about not needing big power to have fun?

Domo kun?

No, you are not looking at a Zender front bumper. That is actually a BBS front bumper. Yes, they used to be make bodykits.

You can’t have an army of E30s without the King. I remember when these had attainable prices. Ah, those were the days.

A very curious looking E30 coupe with M3 fenders front and back! As a testament to how difficult it is to build your own E30 M3, the one thing that cannot be grafted on (not without a ton of fabrication anyway), is the rear quarter panel and raised boot. Did you know that the only body panels shared between the M3 and non-M versions were the doors and engine bonnet? Everything else was exclusive to the M.

S14. The engine. Not the car. I almost had one of these engines on my E30, alas, it was not to be.

Reknown BMW restorers Davie Jones Garage brought along a bevy of Bavarian beauties, including some very delectable E30s. Like this stunning M3 Evo, with Euro lights and sitting on Alpina Softlines, it is pretty much perfection on wheels.

Excuse me while i have a crisis. I’ll leave you with these images…



Okay. Let’s move on…

Oh dear, not again… Please excuse me…

Okay, i’m finished, we’re good to go now…

Seriously! This cannot be good for my health. Be right back…

Oh my word, now that’s just obscene…

Alright, i think that’s that. Moving along!

M3s were not the only special E30s Davie Jones brought along, check out this Hartge H26 Cabriolet! What a glorious time for specialist tuned BMWs!

Gorgeous Alpina from the Davie Jones crew once again. I should make it a point to visit the shop one day.


Perky butts.

With (most of) the E30s covered, let’s turn back the clock and revisit their predecessor, the E21. The original 3 Series.

Once again Alpina equipped. Alpina parts from this time period are very rare and much sought after, so you better be prepared!

Done right, the Alpina look E21s are quite the sight to behold.

Otherwise, you can always choose to keep it clean and simple, like this one. I do find it quite strange how little appreciation the E21s get. Good for me i guess, keeps prices realistic!

Over in 5er land, this was the only E34 i saw running Alpina Softlines. Very clean yet effective.

There was quite a bit of E39 love on show.

E39 M5. Still a favourite amongst BMW fans Worldwide.

This though, was the one that officially kick-started it all. The E28 M5, the first M5.

Straight-6 symphony.

I’m still hunting for my set of Turbine covers. It’s amazing how much these things have sky-rocketed in value in just over a year. Prices have pretty much tripled!

Another E28, this one looked like an M535i. It has the M535i’s rather distinctive M-Technic kit!

As long as it puts a smile on your face!

Another sublime car from Davie Jones. This beautiful green Alpina E28. Isn’t she lovely?

Would you take this over the M5? I would. Alpinas just feel somewhat, more special.

Now that’s a lineup.

This E24 Alpina B9 was immaculate!

So clean!

E24 holy grail territory.

A sample of the Davie Jones collection.

Yes, yet again, another E24 B9. Also immaculate!

So clean!

Moving on towards slightly newer machinery were a posse of E32 7ers. Looks pretty good lowered don’t you think?

Just chillin’ with my homies.

We might be pushing the Youngtimer definition a little far with the E38 but i think i’ll let it slide. Looking good on lowered down on a set of lovely ACS wheels.

Youngtimer meets Oldtimer. I was really hoping to see a Z3 M-coupe but there were non. Sadly.

Lovingly kept E31 8 Series.

Clean interior. Would have been nice if it was a manual don’t you think?

And with that, Part 2 of our coverage is done! Do join us for Part 3 as we wrap up the event with some modern classics!

See you on Part 3!

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