Red Velvet: Otto’s 1/18 Alpina B10 BiTurbo *Images down*

For most people who know me, know of my love for all things automotive and all things BMW. Few though are aware that the celebrated marque from Bavaria was never my first love and that it was the serpent from Milan that first captured my heart. How i lusted over having an Alfa of my own, until one day, i stumbled upon and drove an E30. Thus began my relationship with die fraulein from Munich. You can say that yes, my love affair with BMWs started off rather accidentally.

Which then brings me to this particular era of the BMW 5 Series. The E34 generation. Once again, i never did pay much attention to E34s back then, until i had my very own and slowly but surely, the more time i spent with her and the harder i drove her, the more she started to get under my skin. Once again, another accidental love affair.

What we have here, is Otto’s rendition of an E34 Alpina B10 BiTurbo. This rather sedate looking car was at the time of its introduction (in 1989), the World’s fastest production sedan. Reaching 100 km/h from rest in 5.6 seconds and a top speed over 290 km/h put it in the same league as the best from Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche of the same time period. Even though it had an asking price was close to double of an E34 M5, the B10 Bi-Turbo still went on to become the single best selling model from Alpina at the time. In its 6 year production run, 507 cars were sold. This might sound like small numbers for a manufacturer but remember, those cars were highly exclusive and are now not just extremely coveted today but are seen as the holy grail for many E34 fans.

Otto has made a few E34 M5s before but i always kept missing out and due to a rather particular personal preference for only buying cars in either black or red, i never bothered looking for any on the interwebs. I do think they made a Diamond Black Touring but those are rather rare and come at a premium. I have also been extremely tempted by the Techno Violet cars but never pulled the trigger and open up my wallet. Then Otto had to go and make this, An Alpina B10 BiTurbo in red. Resistance was futile.

So how does this car stack up as a model? Awesome subject matter aside, it’s a rather decent piece and once again, for the price Otto is asking for, amazing value. As a 1/1 E34 owner, i would say they have gotten most of the important details right and although there are areas where small improvements can be made, i’m not complaining.

Some of those areas where improvements can be made pertain to a lack on detail on the tyre sidewalls, something even Autoarts are guilty of and some minor paint issues in certain areas. Overall though this model feels good and looks beautiful on the shelf. If i had the space (and budget), i’d gladly add more E34 variations to the collection. Thank you once again Otto-Mobile for giving us such an interesting array of diecast cars at really sweet prices. Now if only GT Spirit could do the same.

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