Scarlet Stunner in the Parking Garage

For someone who grew up ogling at cars and aesthetics, i’d like to think that it takes something really special to stop me in my tracks, do a double take and convince me enough to head back home to grab a camera. Last weekend, i met such a car while walking the dogs, and it was not a McFerrarighini, it was in fact, a Lexus.

Curvy and tightened up in all the right areas. Her rich scarlet hue catching the corner of my eye drew me in and in an era of over-styled over-creased cars, she was an absolute stunner.

In my opition, quite possibly one of the best looking cars on sale today and if there ever was a case-study of cars which looking better in the flesh than photos, the LC500 would be in it.

I’d never imagined i would be gushing in front of a Lexus. But there’s always a first time.

Hey Borneo Motors, throw us the keys will ya?

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