Project 944: Snail Mail

I guess it’s inevitable, after countless times dealing with potential buyers of Project 944 either getting cold feet or using our slightly leaky (but still boosting well!) turbo as a huge bargaining chip, i’ve decided to bite the bullet and ship in a reconditioned unit and get this job done once and for all!



It took some time (a lot of time actually) to find a unit in as good a shape as this at the right price point but it’s finally here, and Project 944 is back in R2D as we speak.


We found a couple more seals that needed replacing when removing the old turbo. Might as well right?


Yes, i got bored and decided to polish up the LR intake plenum. Can you tell?



And since the car will be back in the shop for a few days, i took her out for a spin on a nice weekend morning just to stretch her legs a little.



If all goes according to plan, the next time she’s out, she’ll be boosting much much better with the refreshed turbo.

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