Time sure flies by when you’re busy trying to get some work done doesn’t it? It sure feels like it since more than 3 months have flown by when we last held our little meet. I’ll have to confess, every single time I put the word out for another gathering, I get the jitters and I’m constantly on the edge wondering if anyone will show up.

But each time the planned morning comes, I’m always in awe of the number of people and cars that turn up. Has Cars & Kopi really become a “thing” already? Regardless, i’d like to once again thank everyone who took the effort to wake up on a nice long weekend morning to attend this meet. We have gone quite a long way from a handful (literally a handful) of cars meeting up at Killiney Kopitiam and I really do hope one day, my anxieties will fade away.

Enjoy the pictures and once again, let’s all drive tastefully and keep our little car culture alive. Be Safe, Not Loud!

(Apologies for not being able to capture everyone who attended!)


As an added bonus, we have a video of the meet done up by Gruppe-RS. Thanks guys!

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