Born from Jets: Otto Mobile’s 1/18 Saab 900 Turbo Coupe

Recently, i took collection of a 1/18 i felt was just so unique that i had to share it. Interestingly (and somewhat sadly), it’s a model that doesn’t seem to appear on the diecast-webs much. I am of course talking about the Saab 900 Turbo Coupe you saw on the opening picture.

 photo P1130690.jpg

As a young boy growing up, i remember seeing these quirky looking cars running on the roads, with their incredibly upright windscreens and strange tapering boots. Honestly, as a youngling with a Countach poster on my wall, I thought they were incredibly ugly.

 photo P1130655.jpg

Fast forward many years and i finally laid eyes on the Coupe, all those strange design quirks that stuck out on the sedans finally came together, forming a much more coherent shape. The shape that gave the 900 its iconic and distinctive silhouette. I didn’t know why, but i loved the design of the Coupe as much as i loathed its 4-door brethren.

 photo P1130677.jpg

Over the years, my memory of this Swedish icon eventually faded into the depths of my automotive subconscious until one day, a Saab 900 Turbo Coupe came up for sale. In black. I had to see it, i had to. Making a quick call, i arranged a viewing, it wasn’t perfect, but it was stunning, and just looking at it gave me the biggest grin. It was that shape, so quirky, so unique, so very very Saab.

The fact that it was a 3-speed automatic didn’t even bother me. In my mind, an automatic suited this car to a T. The seats were super cushy, the ride was soft and the turbo lag was hilariously “laggy”. But with this car, i didn’t care about top speed, power figures or 0-100 timings, it didn’t matter at all. It just had so much charm and i loved it. Its no wonder why arty architect types were so often associated with this car.

 photo P1130709.jpg

Unfortunately, like how most of these stories pan out, the deal didn’t go through and i was left Saab-less. Until my current favourite model manufacturer Otto Mobile decided to recreate this icon in 1/18 that is! In black! I could not let this one go, which meant a pre-order was promptly made and paid way in advance.

 photo P1130661.jpg

 photo P1130681.jpg

Like the real car i viewed, Otto’s Saab 900 Turbo Phase 1 Coupe (what a mouthful), is not in any way perfect but i still love it. This boils down to subject matter, and in that respect, Otto is in my mind, one of the current kings. Not to mention their price point which really cannot be beaten. Are you listening GT Spirit?

 photo P1130653.jpg

Looking at this model, you can’t help but feel a little bit sad for Saab. They made such interesting and unique cars which no one else will ever venture into, but i guess, this was their downfall as the majority of the car buying public will never appreciate the value of standing out and being unique. Saab, you will be missed.

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