Breakfast run

When a friend suggested a quick breakfast run over the weekend, i thought it would have been the perfect excuse to exercise the Transaxle’s legs. But of course the car had other plans…

 photo WhatsApp-Image-2017-06-22-at-8.36.29-PM.jpg

 photo WhatsApp-Image-2017-06-22-at-8.37.31-PM-1.jpg

No, that’s not oil. That’s fuel. Don’t worry, it has since been fixed (after relieving itself of about a quarter tank of premium unleaded). A failed fuel pump was to blame.

 photo P1130225.jpg

With the 944 out of the action, old girl E34 was fired up for an early morning workout! And boy did she perform…

 photo P1130269.jpg

Keeping up with good company.

 photo P1130261.jpg

 photo P1130254.jpg

Lovely long nose backdate with an equally lovely interior.

 photo P1130229.jpg

 photo P1130233.jpg

 photo P1130242.jpg

 photo P1130247.jpg

I think you guys can figure out why i initially wanted to bring the 944 out.

 photo P1130270.jpg

 photo P1130280.jpg

 photo P1130275.jpg

Old four door was still able to keep up.

 photo P1130350.jpg

 photo P1130354.jpg

Eventually we made it for breakfast. Can you spot the odd one out? Haha…

 photo P1130359.jpg

 photo P1130359.jpg

Interestingly, it was perhaps the first time i actually stretched her legs. No doubt it won’t be the last. She did well.

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